International Yoga Day 2020: Bollywood Actors, PM Modi, & Other Celebs Reaction Twitter Updates Live

International Yoga Day 2020

International Yoga Day 2020: Bollywood Actors, PM Modi, & Other Celebs Reaction Twitter Updates Live: Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the relevance, and importance of Yoga in our lives have been tremendously hyphenated this year. The government of India, despite social distancing norms and the other problems, has left no stone unturned in its practice to promote this auspicious day! This time on the 21st of June, the International Yoga Day will nevertheless be celebrated with the same enthusiasm! International Yoga Day 2020 Wishes

International Yoga Day 2020

There cannot be large yoga sessions held across the globe this year like always, but the government of India has started virtual campaigns like “Yoga from Home” and “ Yoga with family.” What’s more and better, it has also roped in infamous celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Milind Soman, and Anushka Sharma to celebrate the 6th International Yoga Day worldwide!

The day will start with the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving a speech by going live at 6:30 am. It will mostly revolve around how to use Yoga as a way of life and inculcate in our lives every day. Yoga has become the easiest and most followed fitness practices worldwide and International Yoga day will see a spur of Yoga practices worldwide. 

After the speech, the Ayush Ministry has organized a trainer-led yoga session on the DD national itself to show some of the easiest yoga steps to all the people watching. Earlier, as said above, the government roped in eminent celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Milin Soman, Anushka Sharma, and others to send in motivational videos about this ancient practice.

They described and explained yoga as a way of their life, it forms the basis of their disciplined life. It further inspires tons of people around the globe to prioritize their fitness, spreads peace and harmony, and further conveys the importance of nature and natural practices in our lives. These motivational videos are put up on the official website of the Ayush Ministry, so go take a look! 

If you compare it with the celebrations that happen every time, this year has it restricted and confined to indoor spaces and homes as no large gatherings are recommended. Yet, we cannot take the day’s importance away as we’re currently undergoing a health crisis and it has reminded us how important it is to inculcate yoga in our lives. Some have even touted Yoga to be extremely effective against the Coronavirus. So log in to the health ministry’s website and learn a few steps by yourself! 


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