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Happy Islamic New Year

Islam is one of the most prominent communities in the world; Islam means peace. But these days there are many misconceptions about Islam in the world. The most profound meaning of Islam is to love humanity. If a person is not the right person, then he cannot become a good Muslim.

Islamic New Year WhatsApp Status Video- Hijri New Year HD Images Status & Arabic New Year

One of the important occasions in the Islamic community Islamic New Year is celebrated across every country in the world. As you all know, Islam is the most prominent religion globally; there is a total of 45-50 Islamic countries in the world, whereas Christianity holds 15-20 states of its followers. Islamic New Year is one of the most prominent celebrations of Islamic culture.

If you will carry on the way,
guided by human, you will find a HOPELESS END.
But if you will carry on the way
guided by Allah, you will find ENDLESS HOPE.
Wish you a very happy Islamic New year of endless hope !!!

A person who does not belong to the Muslim community can also say that I am a Muslim because being a Muslim means a person who lives in peace, and many countries fear men with beards and women wearing burkhas. It is called Islamophobia because they have an unknown fear of Islam and Muslim people.

Islamic New Year Images Wallpapers

Islam is a religion that people have not understood correctly because they do not know its basics. Islam respects other beliefs and teaches them to have brotherhood from people of other faiths. Islam believes that there is no pressure on religion.

Happy Islamic New Year

You alone we worship,
& you alone we ask for help,
for each and everything.
May your faith in Him
always bring you
peace and prosperity…
Happy New Hijri Year!

Islamic New Year, also known as Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year, will begin in India from 31 August this year. Due to time zone differences, the dates from which the new year will start may vary. Some Islamic organizations use the moon sighting to determine the beginning of a new month.

Happy Islamic New Year

New hijri year. 1441 Mubarak
Allah talah aap ko
hazaroon khushiyan ataa karay
aur aap per rehmatain nazil fermaye.

We have created this web page to provide you every detail of Islamic New yeard. Being a month of festivals, we firmly believe that you may like to celebrate this auspicious day along with your friends and family. One should never forget the fact that the family makes the festival more prestigious. Take a look at some of our collections regarding Islamic new year Image wallpapers pics and Quotes.

Hijri New Year HD Images 2021

Happy Islamic New Year

I wish you the “ISLAMIC YEAR”.
Happy new “ISLAMIC YEAR 1441 HIJRI”

May Allah Almighty shower his blessing on Muslim Ummah n all Islamic Countries

Islamic new year Image wallpapers pics and Quotes

The Islamic New Year has been celebrated since 622 AD when Prophet Mohammed moved from Mecca to Medina with his followers to avoid religious persecution. Muharram is the name of the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar. In the month of Muharram, Shia Muslims mourn ten days for the murder of Prophet Mohammed’s Hazrat Imam Hussein and family and followers.

Happy Islamic New Year

This year
Hang on to your truth and respect the truth of others.
Choose to be happy
Forgive those that you can forgive and seek the forgiveness of someone who deserves it
Do something outside of your comfort zone
Be the voice of someone who has no voice
Be quite a strength
Be the type of kindness that is the strength
Remember that love is a verb
Choose healthy foods, activities, and people
Fall six times, get up again seven, persevere
Wish people a lovely day
live honestly, truly and with integrity

It is the second holiest month of the Islamic year after Ramadan. This year, the 10th date of Moharram, i.e., ‘Roz-e Ashura,’ is on 10 September. This day is the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain for the Shia community.

Happy Islamic New Year

Yaa RABB, Bless U From Your Bounties.
And Make The Coming Year.
A Source Of Peace, Happiness, And Success.
In Both Worlds For All The Muslims Throughout the Globe.
Happy New Islamic Year 1441 Hijri…!!!

The Islamic calendar is shorter than its Gregorian counterpart of 11 to 12 days. The first day of the first month of the Islamic New Year is officially a holiday in most Muslim countries. Hijri New Year holiday has already been declared in Dubai.

The name of the Islamic Holy months

  • Muharram (S) The first month of the Islamic calendar
  • Safar
  • Rabi-ul-Awwal The month of the Holy Prophet’s birth, Hijrah and death.
  • Rabi-ul-Thani
  • Jumada-l-Ula
  • Jumada-th-Thaniyya
  • Rajab (S)
  • Shaaban
  • Ramadhan – The month in which the Holy Qur’an started to be revealed and the month in which the Muslims fast.
  • Shawwal – On the first day of this month Eid-ul Fitr is celebrated.
  • Dhul Qadah (S)
  • Dhul Hijja (S) The month in which the Hajj is performed and Eid-ul Adha is celebrated on the 10th of this month.

As I mentioned before, Islam is one of the prominent cultures in the world; Islam holds significant importance in history. One just cannot deny the fact that Islam is the biggest community in the world. More than 60% of the world’s population is Muslim, and they follow the Islamic religion.

“Patience is beautiful…When you feel vulnerable and alone, just remember that His canopy is always above you…Always…La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illah Billah…”

Islamic new year is celebrated all over India by the Muslim community. It is the most auspicious festival for Muslims where they pray to Allah and make dua for their well-being and prosperity for the family and friends. Islamic new year has an utter level of respect for the Muslim community.


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