Ivanka Trump to appear before Jan. 6 committee on Tuesday morning

Ivanka Trump to appear before Jan. 6 committee on Tuesday morning

Former President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump remotely appeared before the Jan. 6 committee yesterday morning to talk about the events surrounding the Capitol Hill riot by Trump supporters on January 6 last year.

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One-time advisor to her father, Ivanka Trump made her appearance before the committee a little less than a week after her husband, Jared Kushner’s appearance. Several members of the committee said Kushner’s testimonial proved to be “helpful” to the committee’s probe.

“She’s answering questions”- Ivanka Trump spent 5 hours with the Jan. 6 committee

After the Jan. 6 committee unearthed additional evidence about the former President’s daughter on the day of the Capitol resurrection, a letter was sent to Ivanka, seeking voluntary cooperation from her. The new evidence that has been uncovered by the committee indicates that Ivanka made several attempts to get her father to intervene, and put a stop to the riot that left at least 5 people dead.

“Testimony obtained by the committee indicates that members of the White House staff requested your assistance on multiple occasions to intervene in an attempt to persuade President Trump to address the ongoing lawlessness,” -stated the letter sent to Ivanka by the committee’s Chairman, Bennie Thompson, D-Miss.


The letter further stated that the committee had direct evidence that Ivanka had heard at least part of the telephone conversation that the former President had with former Vice President Mike Pence, asking him to stop the counting of the electoral votes, in order to hinder the certification process of the 2020 presidential election results.

“One of the president’s discussions with the vice president occurred by phone on the morning of January 6” -read the letter. “You were present in the Oval Office and observed at least one side of that telephone conversation.” -the letter further stated.

The chairman of the Jan.6 committee said that Ivanka was providing them with viable answers. “She’s answering questions — not in broad chatty terms — but she’s answering questions,” -Thompson said. “She came in on her own. That has obviously significant value. We did not have to subpoena,” -he added.

Ivanka Trump is the first family member to have been asked to voluntarily testify before the committee

A few sources that were familiar with the committee’s schedule, revealed that Ivanka Trump’s interview started at around 10 am, which indicates that the meeting was probably longer than five hours.

A statement issued by the White House official declared that it would not impose any assertion of “executive privilege” on Ivanka Trump, that would allow presidents to keep some of the office-related conversations with their aides private.

Ivanka Trump

“The president has spoken to the fact that January 6 was one of the darkest days in our country’s history and that we must have a full accounting of what happened to ensure that it never occurs again. As a result, the White House has decided not to assert executive privilege over the testimony of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.”-said Kate Bedingfield, communications director at the White House.

Jared Kushner voluntarily testified before Jan. 6 committee

Less than a week ago, Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner also voluntarily testified before the Capitol riot panel.

“He was able to voluntarily provide information to us to verify, substantiate, provide his own take on this different reporting, So it was really valuable for us to have the opportunity to speak to him.” -said Democrat Elaine Luria, a member of the select committee.

Jared Kushner

Kushner, also a former White House aide, appeared virtually before the committee and answered the lawmakers’ questions about his take on the resurrection. Kushner was not present in the White House on the day the riot took place, as he was returning to Washington after a Saudi Arabia trip.

It appears that the committee’s probe is in its final stage, interrogating people closest to Trump’s orbit. The committee has also slowed down its typical frenzied interrogation of 2 to 3 witnesses per day and plans to pay more attention to the public hearings. The staff and members of the Jan. 6 panel have questioned more than 800 people including Ivanka and Jared and are frantically working their way through more than 90,000 documents and hundreds of phone call tips.

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