Jacky Eubanks Net worth, Age, Husband and bio

Jacky Eubanks is a candidate for the 32nd district seat in the US House. She is also the latest Republican nominee endorsed by Trump for Michigan.

Eubanks’ foray into political prominence 

Eubanks seemingly has worked her “a*s off to get him (Trump) elected.”  To borrow Trump’s vocabulary, this ‘courageous’ lady spearheaded a grassroots-level survey of irregularities in the 2020 presidential election. Along with trusted aides, Eubanks took it upon herself to go door-to-door in Macomb County and Detroit to talk to voters and verify whether voters registered to those addresses lived there.

Eubanks made the scandalous claim that the error rate fluctuated consistently between 18% and 20%.

You can view how the whole scenario played out in Eubanks’s own words in this exclusive interview here!

Trump hails Eubanks as a ‘courageous young woman.’ 

It is said that Fortune favors the brave. So does Trump. On December 13th, Trump released a statement on the Save America website announcing his official endorsement of Eubanks, wherein he hailed Eubanks as a ‘courageous young woman.’ 

Eubanks’ nomination fraught with Twitter backlash

The Republican Accountability Project posted a video of Eubanks claiming she worked “her a** off to get him (Trump) elected” and called her out on the entitlement she feels on account of her “hard work.”

“This is Jacky Eubanks, running for State Rep. in Michigan.

You can watch the attached video here! 

Eubanks Education

According to Legistorm, Eubanks obtained her Bachelor’s degree in American government and politics from Hillsdale College in 2020.  Eubanks previously attended Austin Catholic High School in Chesterfield, Michigan. 

Eubanks Work experience 

Before becoming a Republican nominee herself, Eubanks worked as a staff assistant for Republican Lisa McClain of Michigan. 

Eubanks’ ideology behind running in the election

In her own words from her website electjackyeubanks.com, Eubanks states:

“I’m a Hillsdale College alumna with a Bachelor’s in Politics & minor in Economics. I spent a year as a Christian missionary, worked full-time for the Trump Victory Campaign in 2020, was an elections worker with my local clerk’s office for three elections, and was a staffer for Congresswoman Lisa McClain. Chesterfield, Michigan, is my lifelong home, and I love Anchor Bay and Michigan’s thumb.

During my time as a Congressional staffer, I answered constituents’ calls, and my heart broke the more I heard the plight of my community back home. Disgusted with the lack of action coming out of Lansing and the unwillingness of our current legislators to address the concerns of the people, I left my cushy job on Capitol Hill to put the people back in their rightful place; as the #1 priority in our lawmaking process.”

Eubanks’ election manifesto

According to her website electjackyeubanks.com, as regards her election manifesto, Eubanks states:  “I am 100% pro-life, 100% pro-gun, I demand a full forensic audit, and I will never let a vaccine passport or unconstitutional lockdown happen!

FAITH, FAMILY, & FREEDOM are the core tenants of my beliefs. I will work tirelessly to preserve these unique to the United States and which we as Americans hold so dear.

Will serve Michiganders, NOT lobbyists or big corporations. I will always put the PEOPLE of Michigan’s 32nd District FIRST. I want to be your voice in Lansing. That means knowing what issues affect you most. I believe in open communication, so I can best serve you. I want to hear from you!”

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