Jim Jordan Approval Rating and Endorsements

Jim Jordan Approval Rating and Endorsements

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Jim Jordan Approval Rating
Jim Jordan Approval Rating

Jim Jordan is an American politician serving as the United States Representative for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District. He is serving his eighth term in the house.

Jim Jordan is a fiscal conservative who strongly believes that people’s standard of living could be improved by reducing tax hikes and cutting down taxes. Throughout his career, Jim fought against tax hikes.

Who is Jim Jordan?

Republican Jim Jordan has served as Ohio’s representative since 2007 and is one of four Republicans in Congress. Elyria, Marion, Lima, and Tiffin are all part of his district.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom was awarded to him on January 11, 2021 for his relationship with former US President Donald Trump. During official meetings and interviews, he refuses to wear a jacket as a former wrestler known for his confrontational style.

Jim Jordan Approval Rating

Jim opposes abortion and is against providing federal funding for planned parenthood. According to the sources, any policy related to the planned parenthood fund had a 0% approval rating in 2020.

Jordan’s campaign is for working families and has an approval rating of 100% during 2019-2020 for abortion.

Jim Jordan Approval Rating for Abortion
Jim Jordan Approval Rating for Abortion

He opposes abortion and is against providing federal funding for planned parenthood.

Here is some information about Jim Jordan’s Approval Rating –

  • In incumbency, Jim Jordan was elected to the 6th term. Now Congress has only a 20.1% approval rating, reducing the incumbency advantages.
  • In the incumbency margin in the previous election, Jim Jordon won by 36.0 in 2016.
  • In the incumbent’s voting record, Jim Jordan has Republicans 86% votes, a point to be noted when the candidate vote with their party more often tends to underperform at the ballot booth.

Jim Jordan against Tamie Wilson

Jim Jordan against Tamie Wilson
Jim Jordan against Tamie Wilson

Jim Jordan and Tamie Wilson are running in the general election for United State House Ohio District 4 scheduled on November 8, 2022.

The final result of this election will affect the partisan balance of the United States House of Representatives in the 118th Congress. On September 13, 2022, Democrats held a 221-212 advantage in the United States house with two vacancies.

To win the majority in the chamber, the Republicans need to gain at least a net of six districts. Jim Jordan from the Republican Primary for United State House Ohio District 4 on May 3, 2022, Jim has received 86,576 votes.

Tamie Wilson defeated Jeffrey in Democratic Primary for the United States House Ohio District, which was held on May 3, 2022. She won by 10,804 votes.

Jim Jordan Endorsements

Jim Jordan’s 2022 endorsements are –

  • AIPAC PAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)
  • Campaign for Working Families

Jim Jordan’s Education

Jim Jordan was born and brought up in Champaign County, Ohio. He completed his graduation from Graham High School in 1982. Along with his studies, he was more interested in sports, especially wrestling. Jim was the state champion in wrestling with a record of 150-1.

Jim earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and was a two-time NCAA wrestling champion. He completed his Master’s degree in Education from the Ohio State University and earned a law degree from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

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  • Has Jim Jordan’s approval rating been consistent over his career or have there been significant changes?

    • Max Robertson, great question! Jim Jordan’s approval ratings have fluctuated over time, often influenced by key political events and his roles in significant legislative actions. It’s common to see shifts around election cycles or major national debates.

    • Hello Angela Martinez! Yes, Jim Jordan primarily receives endorsements from within his own party, reflecting his strong alignment with conservative values and policies. He also garners support from various conservative organizations.

    • Hi Neil Thompson! Endorsements can indeed sway voters by lending credibility and support, especially when they come from respected figures or organizations. They often signal alignment of values and policy priorities.

  • Can someone explain how approval ratings are calculated and what they truly reflect about a politician?

    • Susan Edwards, that’s an insightful query! Approval ratings are typically calculated through surveys and polls targeting a representative sample of constituents or the general public. They reflect public satisfaction with the politician’s performance and policies.

  • Is there a noticeable difference in Jim Jordan’s endorsements between local and national figures?

    • Hi Eric Johnson! Jim Jordan tends to receive more robust endorsements at the national level due to his visibility and influence in the House of Representatives, especially from figures and organizations that align with his legislative priorities.

    • Lisa White, when compared to other Ohio politicians, Jim Jordan’s ratings are often polarized. His strong conservative stance makes him quite popular in certain circles, while being less so in others, depending on the political climate and issues at hand.

    • Derek Foster, recent events, especially those related to national policy debates where Jim has been actively involved, tend to impact his ratings significantly. His direct approach in these events often resonates with his base, affecting his approval differently across different voter groups.

    • Olivia Green, while celebrity endorsements can boost visibility, in Jim Jordan’s case, endorsements from political figures and organizations aligned with his policy goals tend to hold more weight in bolstering his campaign and public image.

    • Tony Black, like many politicians, Jim Jordan has faced scrutiny and controversy, particularly with endorsements that come from polarizing figures or groups. These can sometimes spark debate among the public and media.

    • Rachel Adams, social media plays a significant role in shaping public perception by amplifying both support and criticism. For Jim Jordan, who is active and often discussed on these platforms, it can be a double-edged sword, impacting his approval ratings quickly based on current discussions.