Jim Watkins net worth, age, height, bio and more.

The early life of Jim Watkins

Born in November 1963, James Author Watkins is a businessman in America. During his early life, in 1982, he joined the United States Army. Due to this, he had to move around the world. When he was stationed in South Korea for his duty, he met his first wife Ton Sun Watkins there with whom Watkins had his first child, Ronald Watkins.

Jim Watkins and 8chan conspiracy

Jim is also the operator of an infamous imageboard site called 8chan. This site was the host to QAnon’s conspiracy theory. Many 8chan users used this message board site to post links and information about violence, public shootings, and killings. For this, BBC News once said, “Watkins is the owner and operator of 8chan, a hate-filled forum/website which hosts trolling and serves as the go-to resource for violent extremists and white supremacists”.

Many also believe that Jim Watkins or his son Ron is the identity behind the ‘Q’ in the QAnon conspiracy theory. Some think that if they (Watkins) themselves are not the person behind ‘Q’, they must know the actual person behind that infamous but unidentified account. 

A ‘Serial Entrepreneur’

Jim also created a Japanese Pornography site, Asian Bikini Bar, which was afterward named N.T. Technologies to hide the identity as a pornography site from being an awkward name on the credit card purchase list. 

A coworker of Watkins told the Splinter in an interview, “The work we did in the following years was just marketing uncensored Japanese content to users in Japan,”

This website was an attempt to ignore the Japanese censorship laws and market uncensored content to the audience. This too failed miserably in the following years. 

Also when he was leaving the US Army in 1998 he said, “It was an adult website. Probably the army was happy to see me go,” 

He took ownership of 8chan, a free speech website from its developer, an American programmer, Fredrick Brennan, which is no longer related to the site. 

Apart from his huge web business, which has various sites including 8chan, 2 channels, and a news site, he also has a pig farm in the Philippines. Watkins also owns an organic food restaurant in Manila, Philippines, which however was closed. 

Jim calls himself a serial entrepreneur’ and is the father of the famous conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins. Ron has recently announced his candidacy for the Arizona Congressional seat. 

Jim Watkins’s Net Worth

Jim’s total net worth is not disclosed yet in the public domain. He is known to startup many websites as online businesses and also other subsequent businesses. 

Jim Watkins Hobbies and personal life

Watkins is seen putting videos on youtube about Yoga and fountain pens, which too interest the businessman a lot. 

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