Jiraiya is Alive in Boruto? Full Explanation (Updated)


Jiraiya is Alive in Boruto: Boruto anime may be filled with fillers and is reaching an anticipated kara arc as of now, but the story in manga is getting along really well and it’s freaking out Naruto fans completely.

Spoilers warning for all the anime watchers...

If you are a Naruto fan you will know there are certain deaths and moments that you still cannot get over and the death of Jiraya was one of them. It was specifically stated by Kishimoto sensei (Creator of Naruto) that our beloved “Pervy Sage” is gone for good as bringing him back will be too emotional for the fandom. His death had a huge impact on the whole Naruto universe and it was the reason that Naruto hired his will of fire after his demise.

Now the mangaka could have easily brought him back to life in the “Edo Tensei” arc of Naruto but he chose otherwise to keep the emotional balance of fans in check. There were separate reasons given for it in both manga and anime. The real reason Jiraiya isn’t reanimated is to guard the integrity of the character’s emotional final scenes. Now that Kishimoto is not the one writing Boruto the writers needed a befitting arc to explain how Jiraya came back to life after all these years and it looks like they have managed to do so.

Kashin Koji is the new Jiraiya?

Since the first appearance of Kashin Koji it was speculated that he is somehow related to Jiraya, the similarities were too obvious to not notice. For once Kashi knows too many techniques of Jiraya, during his first confrontation with team 7 he used toad summoning jutsu that and Jiraya was the one who carried the toad summoning contract with him all the time, Fo god’s sake in his final battle he was fighting with elder toads alongside him.

Kashin Facts

Second, Kashin knew how to use perfect Rasengan which was Jiraya’s most fearsome attack. And for last it was revealed that Kashin had a strong connection with Konoha Village. So, all the fingers were pointed in only one direction and fans were getting more excited with every passing chapter. And now in the 47th chapter of Boruto, it was revealed that Kashin Koji is the clone of Jiraya but how is that possible??


It is opening doors to many new questions and theories. Kashin Koji may very well be related to Orochimaru in some way as he knows how to make clones. But the fact that Jiraya’s corpse has not been shown to us even once in any way (neither dead nor reanimated) and the last time we saw him he was drowning but he was ‘alive’ and Kashin does not know anything about any of it has opened so many new questions to be answered.

If Kashin is a clone where was he cloned? From where the DNA of Jiraya was found in such an excessive amount that it was enough to make a clone of him? All of these questions will be answered in the upcoming chapters of the manga. But Jiraya is back with us in some way that is for sure. And it is received with mixed emotions throughout the whole fandom.

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