Joe Biden Snaps at Reporter Over Bribery Allegations

Joe Biden Snaps at Reporter Over Bribery Allegations

President Biden lashed out at a journalist when asked about FBI allegations that he was involved in an overseas bribery scheme. 

Let’s read what irritated the President at the conference and the issue. 

Joe Biden Snaps At Reporter Who Asks Him About Alleged Bribery Allegations

On Thursday, United States President Joe Biden became furious at a reporter over his question related to an alleged bribery scheme that the President is accused of being involved in during his vice presidency tenure in the Obama administration.

President Biden attended an event at the White House with the CEOs of companies to discuss ‘junk fees’ or hidden costs in the transaction of products and services that make American people pay more than the actual price. 

As he began taking questions at the end of the conference, one of the reporters, Steven Nelson, asked, “Why did the Ukraine FBI informant file refer to you as the ‘Big Guy’ President Biden? Why is that term continuously applied?”

Joe Biden Snaps At Reporter Who Asks Him About Alleged Bribery Scandal
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Though infuriated, the President managed to hide his anger behind a laugh and fired back at the reporter answering, “Why do you ask such a dumb question?”

Biden responded angrily to the reporter’s questions about various conspiracies and theories involving his son’s business dealings, and soon, the journalist was reportedly sent out of the room. 

The question referred to an FBI allegation in an FD-1023 form that alleged a $5 million payment to Biden by Ukrainian energy company Burisma when he was vice president. The FBI created the form based on an interview with a confidential human source in June 2020. The FBI has consistently examined the sources and considered them highly credible. 

The FBI allegation described multiple conversations with a manager at Burisma, where the President’s son Hunter Biden served as a board member. 

Earlier this week, an Iowa Senator and a former chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley, alleged that there exist 17 audio recordings created by an executive at Burisma claiming a payment was made to the President, with another for the same amount to Hunter Biden. 

The Senator said the recordings had been saved as an “insurance policy.” However, Biden has denied speaking to his son about his business deals in Ukraine. 

Last week, the FBI allowed Oversight Committee members to review the documents after the committee chairman, James Comer led the investigation into Biden’s allegations in the lower chamber. The chairman threatened to hold FBI director Christopher Wray in contempt of the house if committee members were not permitted to view an FBI report, FD-1023 form, concerning the alleged bribery scheme. 

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As President is facing allegations for his alleged involvement in a bribery scheme, Republicans have insisted that there is already smoking-gun evidence that the President received the payment and was the “big guy” referred to in the file and a separate email seized from Hunter Biden’s former laptop

The President’s son has denied any wrongdoing in his foreign business deals. 

However, Republicans continue to investigate the issue with the authorities of the House Oversight Committee. Nonetheless, they have not yet discovered any incriminating evidence. 

Also, President Biden and his son have not been accused of criminal charges by United States law enforcement authorities. But they remain under investigation for probable tax law violations and lying on an application to invest in a firearm. 

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