John Bolton says Donald Trump is a “laughing fool” to world leaders

Trump has long claimed to have strong relationships with high-profile global leaders, but according to former national security adviser John Bolton, they actually think he’s a laughing fool.

During the CNN town hall last week, Trump claimed he would end Russia’s war in Ukraine in one day if he won reelection. The war would never have occurred if Donald Trump had won a second term in 2020.

John Bolton says Donald Trump is a "laughing fool" to world leaders

“I have been in those rooms with him when he met with those leaders. I believe they think he’s a laughing fool. And the idea that somehow his presence in office would have deterred Putin is flatly wrong,” he said on CNN Tuesday morning, naming the Russian, Chinese, and North Korean leaders in particular.

Trump also doesn’t “think in terms of winning and losing” when it comes to war, the former president told host Kaitlan Collins during the town hall.

That, combined with his insistence that he could negotiate with Putin to end the war in a day, “shows he’s utterly out of touch with what the war is all about and what the implications of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine are all around the world,” Bolton said.

Bolton, who is publicly considering a GOP presidential run, also attacked the former president for suggesting that he would consider pardoning Jan. 6 rioters if he became president, calling it “virtually treasonous.”

“It’s another example of why he’s not fit to be president. If anybody wants to know what a Trump administration would look like when he’s pardoning the people who rioted on Jan 6, I think that’s all you need to know,” he said.

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