Judd Gregg: The nation needs Nikki Haley

Judd Gregg: The nation needs Nikki Haley

Former New Hampshire governor and U.S. senator Judd Gregg is a senior fellow at the Center for Business, Government & Society at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.

Judd Gregg: The nation needs Nikki Haley

In a Wednesday op-ed, former Republican governor of New Hampshire Judd Gregg supported Nikki Haley’s bid for President in 2024.

Gregg, who served in the House from 1981 to 1989, painted Haley in the same light as former President Ronald Reagan in the Union Leader. Over his three decades in politics in New Hampshire, Gregg went on to serve as both governor and senator.

Gregg argued that the party needs a nominee who can win as Republicans have suffered significant setbacks in the last few election cycles, including losing the presidency in 2020 and the Senate majority twice.

The New Hampshire Republican referred to Haley as “a true fiscal conservative” and a “leader in the tradition of Ronald Reagan.”

Judd Gregg Stated, “Nikki Haley is an exceptionally strong leader. She has the vitality, ability, experience, and character to bring not only our party together but, importantly, the nation together. Nikki is a leader in the tradition of Ronald Reagan, whom I had the pleasure to serve with. She brings an infectious enthusiasm to the cause of making America a better place to live, raise a family, and work.

Gregg also said She is a true fiscal conservative who understands that we are putting our children’s and their children’s future at risk if the current President and his minions continue down the road of adding massive deficits and debt.”

He added, “Equally important, she knows how to deal with the widening crises that are inflaming the world. No other candidate has her background. Nikki brings a unique and much needed real world, rational view to the international issues that require America’s attention if we are to protect our interests and those of our allies.”

Gregg wrote in the Union Leader, “The American people deserve a Republican candidate for President who will deliver a positive, effective, upbeat, conservative message. They seek real leadership, and Nikki Haley delivers that type of leadership,”

The Republican wrote about Haley, “New Hampshire, because of our unique and appropriate role as the ‘first in the nation,’ has a special obligation to our party and to the country to select a strong leader. In choosing Nikki Haley, New Hampshire can once again fulfill that responsibility.”

The endorsement from New Hampshire boosts the former U.N. ambassador as the competition to replace former President Donald Trump appears to be between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Haley.

According to a recent USA Today-Suffolk University survey, DeSantis and Haley are vying for second place in the polls behind Donald Trump, who is still leading his opponent by double digits in most of them. Haley received 11% of the vote, while DeSantis received almost 12%.

DeSantis is ranked second after Trump in an average RealClearPolitics poll of Iowa surveys; however, Haley is ranked second in an average poll of surveys from New Hampshire and South Carolina conducted by the political website.


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