How Safe Is New Hampshire for Travel?

In this New Hampshire travel safety guide, we have covered all the questions, such as how safe is New Hampshire for travel, the safest places to visit, places to avoid, and more.

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How Safe Is New Hampshire for Travel? – New Hampshire Travel Safety Guide

How safe is New Hampshire - Echo Lake

New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the United States. The attractions that draw tourists to New Hampshire include beautiful ocean and lake beaches, miles of kayaking water, sailing on mountain-ringed lakes, above-timberline hiking on the Appalachian Trail, fun-filled theme and water parks for kids, exciting rides to mountaintops, and tours of historic houses.

With its White Mountains, New Hampshire is a holiday destination adored by adults and families for its outdoor activities. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to vacation spots like North Conway, Lake Winnipesaukee, and Hampton Beach.

New Hampshire is one of the pearls of New England that you will have to see in person to appreciate genuinely. It is a charming state with lots of beautiful places.

If you are planning to visit this state but are concerned about safety, this article will be a lifesaver. Here, we have shared all the details that would help you understand how safe is New Hampshire for travel and decide whether New Hampshire would be a good tourist destination for you.

So here we begin –

Warnings & Dangers in New Hampshire

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Low

New Hampshire has low risk in totality. Most places in the state are on the safer side, like the southwest area of the state, but a few places are more prone to criminal activities.

Transport & Taxis Risk – Low

The transport risk is low in the state. The taxis and transport risks are negligible as the state’s authority regulates them. However, the state has more risk of car accidents. Therefore, if you take a car for rent, try to drive responsibly.

Pickpockets Risk – Low 

The state has nearly zero pickpocket risk. However, being careful about your items in public places would be best since you are always at more risk of pickpocketing in crowded areas.

Natural Disaster Risk – Low

New Hampshire has a low risk in terms of natural disasters. However, severe storms occur during the summer and the winter. Further, the state experiences frequent floods due to its closeness to the Atlantic ocean. 

We recommend checking your area’s vulnerability to these crises while traveling to the state.

Mugging Risk – Low

Though the state has a low mugging risk, you are more at stake in populated areas. Places like big cities and areas nearby airports are the regions where you are more likely to get mugged. Be extra cautious in big cities and crowded places, and avoid traveling with expensive items.

Terrorism Risk – Low

The state has low chances of terrorist attacks.

Scams Risk – Medium

New Hampshire has a moderate scam risk. The most common type of scam is an identity scam, where scammers try to steal your identity. 

Therefore, it would help if you were careful while sharing your details with someone.

Women Travelers Risk – Low

New Hampshire has a low risk for women travelers. But it is always a brilliant idea to take precautions while traveling.

Tap Water Risk – Low

New Hampshire provides high-quality drinking water; therefore, the state has a low tap water risk. So, you can avoid the extra weight of bottled water while traveling in New Hampshire.

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Safest tourist Places to visit in New Hampshire

The first thing you might get in your mind while planning your trip is where to stay and what places to visit to have a safe yet enjoyable tour.

Below, we have shared some of the best places to visit or stay in New Hampshire –


Angle Pond - Sandown New Hampshire
Angle Pond – Sandown, New Hampshire

The first on our list is the city of Sandown. With a violent crime rate of 30 per capita, this town has been at the top position in the list of safest places in New Hampshire.

Sandown has some of the top tourist spots in the state. As home to the most loved Zorvino Vineyards, Sandown is a wine enthusiast’s haven.

The town offers many famous tourist attractions like Sandown Historical Society, Angle Pond, Kingston State Park, Island Pond, Country Pond, Appolo Vineyards, etc.


Winnekenni Castle - New Hampshire
Winnekenni Castle – New Hampshire

Atkinson is next on our list, with a violent crime rate of 43 per capita. This is nine times lower than the national average and 93% below the national crime rate.

The town’s top tourist sights are Atkinson Historical Society, Canobie Lake, America’s Stonehenge, Plaistow Town Forest, Willow Spring Vineyards, Winnekenni Castle, and the Museum of Printing.


Silver Lake State Park
Silver Lake State Park

Holis is one of the safest towns in New Hampshire, especially when we consider violent crimes. However, it does face some nonviolent crime rates, such as theft, but that is not a big deal considering the town is overall safe.

Hollis is one of the best places to see in New Hampshire. The town is famous for its skydiving center, Skydive Pepperell, and is mainly seen for its Brookdale Fruit Farm. 

The other top tourist spots are Beaver Brook Association, Silver Lake State Park, Monson Center, Beaver Brook, Spalding Park Town Forest, J. Harry Rich State Forest, etc.

New Boston

North Uncanoonuc
North Uncanoonuc Mountains

With a violent crime rate of 52 per capita, New Boston is quite a safe place to stay. This town appears custom-made for outdoors enthusiasts, as it bristles with meandering trails and scenic parks.

The top tourist destination of the town involves North Uncanoonuc, Baboosic Lake, Goffstown Rail Trail, Pulpit Rock Conservation Area, Hunted Lake, Purgatory Brook, Lamson Farm, etc.


Foster's Pond Natural Area
Foster’s Pond Natural Area

With a violent crime rate of 33 per capita and a nonviolent crime rate of 351 per capita, the city of Windham is number five on our safest place list.

This town is mostly visited due to its closeness to several outdoor entertainment venues, such as Canobie Lake Park, considered one of the top amusement parks in the country, with more than 85 thrilling rides.

The other tourist hotspots in the town are Windham Rail Trail, Windham Town Beach, Foster’s Pond Natural Area, Salem Town Forest, Xtreme Frisbee, Castaway Island, etc.

These are the top five safest places you can consider a visit in the state.

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Places to avoid in New Hampshire

Apart from the safest places, you must be aware of the risky areas that can pose a threat to your safety. 

Check our list of top dangerous places in New Hampshire – 


The first is the city of Manchester, which is the most dangerous, with the highest violent crime of 592 per 100k. Also, it is the fourth most risky place in terms of property crime.


It is another dangerous place in New Hampshire. Though the murder rate is reasonably low, it has many property crimes, aggravated assaults, and violent crimes.

You have a 1 in 33 chance of falling victim to violent or property crime. The place is so risky that it outranks both larger cities and smaller towns in its overall crime rate.


The town of Conway occupies the third position on our list. It has a large tourism industry, but the majority of crimes are committed against out-of-town visitors.

It has a violent crime rate of 223 per 100k and a 1976 property crime per 100k. In 2021, Conway ranked number 1 for rapes, 6 for property crimes, and fifth highest for overall crimes.


Littleton remains in the fourth spot and has more murders each year than cities three times its size. It has a violent crime rate of 255 per 100k and 1620 property crimes per 100k.


At number five on our list, we have the town of Somersworth. Here, you are more likely to be the victim of property crime or theft. It has a violent crime rate of 166 per 100k and 3298 property crimes per 100k. 

These are the top dangerous places you should avoid in the state.

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Safety tips for traveling in New Hampshire

Safety Tips

No matter how safe is New Hampshire, there are some safety measures that should be followed to keep yourself safe while traveling to this new state –

  • Research – It is a bright idea to research a little about the place you are visiting. Never visit a site you know nothing about. Also, check for safe areas, things to do, weather warnings, etc.
  • Share your details – You should share your details about traveling to at least one person you trust to help in an emergency. Also, stay in contact with your loved one, as you never know when you need someone to help.
  • Always buy travel insurance – It is an intelligent move to buy travel insurance. You will be protected from weather disturbance, sickness, or other emergencies. Further, you can get property insurance for valuable items like a camera.
  • Have extra copies of your identification – You can keep extra hard copies of your important documents like your driver’s license and passport and keep them in different places.
  • Always drink responsibly – Drinking too much in unfamiliar places can be very dangerous. Also, keep a watch on your drink at bars and restaurants, as criminals can slip drugs into it to make you a target.
  • Learn about local scams – It will help you if you learn about the various types of scams that occur in the state. This would allow you to be cautious.
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself – You shouldn’t act like a tourist or an unknown person while traveling, even if you are. Further, it is recommended not to flash your expensive items in public places. You can avoid wearing fancy jewelry as that will draw attention to yourself.
  • Don’t allow strangers into your room – It would be best if you don’t allow strangers into your room. If someone at the door claims to be one among the hotel staff, never let him into your room before calling the front desk and verifying that someone from the team is at your door.
  • Carry an emergency credit card – Having an emergency credit card would help you in case you get pickpocketed. Also, avoid carrying too much cash and keep your cash in different pockets to ensure you always have money.

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How safe is New Hampshire to travel alone?

New Hampshire is incredibly safe to travel alone. The state has a low crime rate and offers plenty of places that can be explored independently.

How safe is New Hampshire for solo female travelers?

How safe is New Hampshire for solo female travelers
How safe is New Hampshire for solo female travelers

New Hampshire is safe for solo female travelers. However, we recommend following all standard safety precautions and avoiding visiting dangerous places to keep yourself safe.

How safe is New Hampshire for Travel?

New Hampshire is safe to travel to a meager crime rate well below the national average. However, you need to take safety measures and avoid certain dangerous places to keep yourself safe.

Hopefully, our New Hampshire travel safety guide helps you understand how safe is New Hampshire for travel.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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