Latest News - USA - Juneteenth 2020 News: Nobody Knew About Juneteenth, I Made it Famous

Juneteenth 2020 News: Nobody Knew About Juneteenth, I Made it Famous

Juneteenth 2020 News: Nobody Knew About Juneteenth, I Made it Famous- Donald Trump

Juneteenth 2020 News, President Donald Trump claimed the obligation to be widely recognized on Juneteenth 19 to verify the release announcement, triggering a reaction to his congress in Tulsa, Oklahoma, initially scheduled for a similar date.

During a wide meeting at a meeting with the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Trump said that “no one ever knew about” the June 19 occasion before disagreeing over his convention, which he later rescheduled for June 20.

“I have achieved something great: I made Juneteenth celebrated,” Trump said. – This is an extremely important case, a significant time. In any case, no one ever knew about it. “

Juneteenth 2020 News

On Wednesday, Trump told the Wall Street Journal that he remembered the meaning of “June” after the date of the congress was set in his battle, and that a specialist from the Black Secret Service let him know.

He said that he asked several people around him if they knew about this event, and they said no. Trump asked a colleague during his meeting with the Wall Street Journal, and she informed him that the White House made an announcement last June.

The White House has been doing this for the last three years of its reign.

“God, really? Did we advertise? Trump White House made an announcement?” Trump said. “Excellent, excellent excellent.”

A spokeswoman for Kamala Harris, California, criticized Trump for guaranteeing on Twitter: “Retweet if you noticed June,” she said.

Trump said he expects a return to the start of the battle, despite welfare authorities warning that significant events could pose a risk of COVID-19 spread.

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said it was up to everyone to wear the cover attached to the revitalization and join, despite the rules of social separation.

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