List Of Juneteenth Celebrations In Chicago

List Of Juneteenth Celebrations In Chicago, This Friday, on June 19, people across the city will praise convoys, rallies, and online meetings.

List Of Juneteenth Celebrations In Chicago, This Friday, on June 19, people across the city will praise convoys, rallies, and online meetings.

Despite the fact that this day was not yet perceived as a vacation at the local and national levels, in 1865, it is recommended that troops appear in Texas to liberate the conquered Americans – two years after the declaration of release.

The event is basically celebrated on June 19.

Here are the festivals this year in Chicago:

List Of Juneteenth Celebrations In Chicago

List Of Juneteenth Celebrations
List Of Juneteenth Celebrations


  • Chicago Peace and Equality June Rally and Holiday 2020
  • Where: South Loop Green Space, 2400 S. State St.
  • At the time when: 18:00 Friday
  • What: Roses4Austin and EqualityShouldBeNormal restrain agreement and celebration. 

Juneteenth festival celebration at Black Wall Street 

  • Where: 35th Street and King Drive
  • At the time when: 1–7 pm Friday
  • What: There will be a universal convoy with entrepreneurs alleged by Black, HBCU, and some specialists.

Our Holiday March

  • Where: 5531 S. Lord Drive
  • When: from 11 am to 5 pm Friday
  • What: This is Chicago’s main annual coordinator walk in June.

Mass visit to biker Roll N Peace / June holiday

  • Where: Englewood Square, 63rd Street, and Halstead Street
  • At the time when: check-in at 4 pm. Friday, visit at 8 pm.
  • What: Participants will bike around Englewood. This will end with the Chicago Firehouse Engine festival. Divvy provides free bike rental.

UIC June Gap Community Pass

  • Where: Center D, st. S. Halstead, 6031
  • At the time when: 2 pm Friday
  • What: there will be food, music, talent, and lively diversion. People are clearly advised to wear face masks.

The Celebration of Juneteenth

  • Where: Harold Washington Cultural Center, 4701 S. Lord Drive.
  • At the time when: 1 hour. Friday
  • What: there will be African moves and drums, food, live entertainment, classes, and giveaways.

Parade of Juneteenth

  • Where: Meet in one of four places: South Side (87th and Dan Ryan), East Side (75th and Stony Island), West Side (Hamlin and Madison) or North Side (North Avenue and Halstead )
  • When: from 11 am to 2 pm Friday
  • What: Participants must bring posters and families for the vehicle march to be held in the city, indicating the precursors and the day of release.

Social development and Giveaway

  • Where: DuSable Museum, 740 E. 56th place
  • When: from 11 am to 2 pm Friday
  • What: Families can walk or drive up, waiting for free food. The first 19 families will receive a one-year admission to the historical center.

second annual family holiday

  • Where: Dan Ryan Woods, 8700 S. Western Ave.
  • The moment when: an early afternoon at 5 pm Saturday
  • What: there will be live exhibitions, craftsmanship, craftsmen, face painting, grocery stores, DJs, games, and entertainment. The passage is free.

List of Juneteenth 2020 and the distribution of free meals

  • Where: South-Central Housing, 83rd Street and Ellis Avenue
  • When: from 11:00 to 13:00
  • What: Get a free lunch to complete your 2020 assessment, praise from SCCS, and Bartucci Italian Foods. Available by agreement. Guardians of the Angel will also give out free veils and gloves.

Public Free Nutrition Program – Original Soul Food Vegetarian Edition

List Of Juneteenth Celebrations
List Of Juneteenth Celebrations
  • At the time when: Friday, June 19; early afternoon – 4 pm.
  • Where: 203 d. 75th road
  • What: Hot dishes for vegetarian lovers, essential goods, food products (provided from the estate of the Gary Com Youth Center), essentials, and children’s assets will be delivered to the cafe.


  • Dark Culture Week June Caravan
  • At that moment when: an early afternoon at 7:30 pm. Friday
  • What: In June, the parade will begin on the west side and will take place in notable neighborhoods and areas during transit to the A. Philippe Randolph Pullman Porter Museum on the south side. The convoy ends with a confirmation service and a re-show.

Juneteenth anniversary

  • Where: Grace Memorial Baptist Church, 1457 S. Keeler Ave.
  • At the time when: 2 pm Friday
  • What: There will be free food, music, and giveaways.

Juneteenth gathering

  • Where: Austin Center for Popular Action, 5125 W. Chicago Ave.
  • At the time when: an early afternoon at 6 pm Friday.
  • What: An event will be held to commemorate George Floyd. There will be food, unrecorded music, and free coronavirus testing.

Juneteenth party

  • Where: Firehouse Community Arts Center, 2111 S. Hamlin Ave.
  • At the time when: 4–8 pm. Friday
  • What: There will be free food and music.


  • Walk and rally understudies and employees of DePaul University.
  • Where: Trebes Park, upper east corner of Webster and Clifton
  • At the moment when: Friday, June 19; 3 pm – 4 pm
  • What: understudies and administrative workers gather in the soul of June to give a promise to help each other as a family, comrades, and associates.

Juneteenth troop

  • What: The case was compiled by the Northwest Coalition Against Racism and Hatred.

Million people in March

  • Where: Town Hall, Vabasha Ave., 1224
  • The moment when: 11 am Friday
  • What: there will be a path to justice, fundamental change, and justice. To register, go here.

June Restaurant and Bar Crawl

  • Where: Varies
  • At the time when: 1-3 hours of the day. Friday
  • What: There are three courses. One starts at Grail Cafe, 715 S. Dearborn Ave. The second begins at Momentum Coffee, 2119 S. State St., and the third starts at Harold’s Chicken No. 88, the 1450th. S. Michigan. The participants will go to different eateries and bars and meet at the Teapot Brew, 1803 S. Wabash Ave.

On the Internet

  • Concert of the Quarantine Fund Revamp Foundation
  • At the time when: 5:30 pm Friday
  • What: comes from a virtual show, including YAW, Meagan McNeal, and avery r. youth – will go on to set up an Afrocentric social center named after Tamira Rice.

Virtual June show of the Old Town Folk Music School

  • At the time when: 8 pm Friday
  • What: the show will include “The Residence of the Spirit” and the Big ensemble of black music. The return will be transferred to the Chicago Center for Justice Against Torture. The show can be seen on the Internet.

June Live Talk with D-Composed

  • At the time when: 6-7: 30 pm Friday
  • What: Spectators can join John Danson, leader of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Council, to speak with D-Composed, Chicago-based atmospheric music featuring artists and authors from the African diaspora. The occasion will be on Zoom.

Freedom Practice Semyon Lynn and Sadie Woods

  • The moment when: early afternoon 13:30 Friday
  • What: Seed Lynn and Sadie Woods will explore the emancipative mysteries of the diaspora through photography and music. The program will end with Sadie Woods’ DJ recruitment, also known as Afrodjia, and the sending of a virtual exchange phase, which will continue for a month. The occasion will be announced on Facebook Live.

Dark Census Day

  • At the time when: 7-8: 30 pm Friday
  • What: The festival will cover music and statistics in 2020. He will be helped by DJs Ton Capone and Sean Mack. Observers can watch Instagram Live from any DJ account: @ ToneKapone33 and @SeanMac.

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