Kandiss Taylor’s Net Worth, lifestyle, Age and bio

Kandiss Taylor Net Worth, lifestyle, Age and bio

Dr. Kandiss Taylor is a south Georgia native and has been employed as an educator for 19 years. Public service is not new to Dr. Taylor. She has served in a public school system as a 3rd-grade teacher, school counselor, testing coordinator, student services coordinator, and homeless liaison.

Taylor’s Twitter bio reads, “GA Governor Candidate 2023 U.S. Senate Candidate 2020 Christian. Wife. Mother. Georgian. Educator. Working Class. #Taylor2023 http://t.me/kandisstaylor

Her bio on Instagram reads, “Georgia governor candidate 2022 US Senate Candidate 2023.”

Her bio on Facebook reads, “Kandiss Taylor for Governor of Georgia. Official Campaign Page”.

Taylor says, “I am highly energetic and motivated on her LinkedIn profile! I love children, helping individuals make and maintain positive changes, set short/long-term goals, accept responsibility, and intervene in families and couples to assist with relationship recovery. I’m also very interested in my ability to influence government in a moral, fair, and just way. I love to write professionally and personally. I’m currently working on my first fiction piece.”

Kandiss Taylor’s  Personal life

Dr. Taylor is married to Ryan Taylor, and together, they have been blessed with three school-aged children.

The ideology behind the Gubernatorial run

Kandiss Taylor is running to give Georgia an option that is a non-establishment, honest, conservative, and true representative of “We the People.”

When asked what made her decide to run for governor, Taylor responded, “I can’t complain about what is going on if I’m not willing to do something about it. The Governor’s budget is 60% education, and who better to clean things up than a public school educator who knows where and what to cut!”

Kandiss Taylor’s  Election manifesto

  • Our children come first.”

In her own words from her website, Kandisstaylor.com, Taylor expresses her agenda regarding education as follows:

Critical Race Theory, Comprehensive Sex Education, and Social-Emotional Learning have no place in our Georgia schools. These programs are rooted in oppression, making students feel victimized and uncomfortable. We must protect our children and establish a learning environment where they can practice patriotism.”

  • “Our workforce is powerful.”

In her own words from her website, Kandisstaylor.com, Taylor expresses her agenda regarding the economy as follows:

I intend to focus on Georgia Grown, infrastructure, and economic development across the state. One of the largest industries in our state economy is farming. Not only is agriculture vital to the wellbeing and survival of Georgians, but 1/7 of the jobs in this state are in the farming sector. I will give farmers the attention and aid that they deserve because, without them, there would be no Georgia.”

  • “Let ICE do their job!”

In her own words from her website, Kandisstaylor.com, Taylor expresses her agenda regarding immigration as follows:

“Quit handcuffing our immigration and customs enforcement officers. No Sanctuary Cities or Counties in Georgia. Protect our GA ports of entry.”

  • “Voting is our highest right.”

In her own words from her website, Kandisstaylor.com, Taylor expresses her agenda regarding election reform as follows:

“I am the only candidate fighting for election integrity. We can’t expect fraud to go away using the same process we did in the 2020 election. As your governor, I will secure our elections by removing absentee ballots, Dominion machines, and drop boxes. The people of Georgia want paper ballots.”


Kandiss Taylor’s Contact information

Taylor is active on Instagram under the handle @kandisstaylor. She has 2478 followers on Instagram. Taylor also has a Facebook page that goes by ‘Kandiss Taylor.’ She has 12,000 followers on Facebook.  Taylor is also active on Twitter under the handle @KandissTaylor. She has 21.4K followers on Twitter.

Kandiss Taylor’s Net Worth

Kandiss Taylor’s net worth is estimated between $1 million to $10 million.

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