10 Korean Dramas Like Mystic Pop Up Bar- Best K Drama similar to Mystic Pop Up Bar 2020

There is no doubt that Korean dramas are loved worldwide. People have accepted Korean dramas in their daily entrainment niche, and by far are loving the/ Today we will be looking at ten such Korean dramas that are very similar to a popular series called “Mystic Pop Up Bar.”

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10 Korean Dramas Like Mystic Pop Up Bar

– Goblin: The Lonely And Great God:
This series is the most rated Korean supernatural drama based on the story of a wrongly punished man. The man becomes immortal and watches everyone he loves, die an unfortunate death, but he decides to help many by becoming a goblin, and the only one who can save him from his immortal life is the goblin’s bride.

– The Bride of Habaek:
This supernatural K-Drama revolves around the story of the water god, Habaek, as his journey to Earth to complete a task that will name him king of the gods.

– It’s Okay To Not Be Okay:
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is another Netflix Original K-Drama with a similar vibe as MysticPop Up bar and others on the list. The leading actress is not her best when it comes to people and can be extremely aggressive, much like Wol-joo again.

– Scarlet Heart Ryeo:
The series revolves around the story of Wol-joo and Hae Soo and their tragic story. They pay the price for falling in love and the number of trials he goes through but ultimately faces defeat.

– Itaewon Class:
Itaewon Class isn’t a supernatural K-Drama, but it does revolve around the same lines as in Mystic Pop-up Bar; however, it does highlight the pursuit of trying to run a successful restaurant. This series has a similar vibe to it, and it also focuses heavily on the restaurant employees and their lives.

– Bring It On, Ghost:
This drama Bring It On, Ghost is about a boy who can see ghosts and starts works as an exorcist, and it also involves a girl who doesn’t remember how she became a ghost.

– Hotel Del Luna:
This Korean drama is another perfect match of what we’re talking about, imagine Mystic Pop-up Bar, but instead of a bar, it’s a hotel. The story of Hotel Del Luna revolves around a hotel for ghosts resting before they move on to the afterlife.

-On my ghost:
The story of this Korean drama revolves around a young woman who appears to be pretty shy and quiet. She works at a restaurant and desperately wants to become a chef, oh, but the catch here is she can see ghosts.

– A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi):
If you love Mystic Pop-up Bar, then A Korean Odyssey is a perfect match for you to binge. It is a romantic supernatural tale that revolves around a girl who can see ghosts because she is a reincarnation of a super-powerful shaman named Sam-Jang.

-Reply 1988
This drama doesn’t focus mainly on the supernatural, but it still holds a lot of similarities to the Mystic pop up bar. This series revolves around family, friendship, and romance. This series focuses on five different families that live on the same block.


If you loved the series Mystic Pop Up Bar and are interested in watching something similar, then these are the ten options you can choose from to binge. And for more new updates, stay connected to World wire.

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