Lara Logan Daughter: Meet Lola Burkett And Joseph Burkett

Lara Logan Daughter: Meet Lola Burkett And Joseph Burkett

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Lara Logan Biography and Wikipedia

Lara Logan Biography and Wikipedia

Full Name Lara Logan
Born March 29, 1971
Birthplace Durban, South Africa
Occupation Television and radio journalist, war correspondent
Years Active 1990–present
Spouse(s) Jason Siemon (1998–2006), Joseph Burkett IV (2008–present)
Children Lola Burkett, Joseph Burkett and Ashley

Lara Logan is a South African war correspondent for radio and television. From 2002 to 2018, she worked as a correspondent for C.B.S. News.

Her politically biased and factually wrong report on the 2012 Benghazi attack was dubbed “the worst blunder on my 10-year watch” by 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager.

She was born in the Yolanda and Derek Logan family in Durban on March 29, 1971. Lara attended Durban Girls’ College for her senior year of high school, and she graduated with a degree in commerce from the University of Natal in Durban in 1992.

Lara Logan started her career as a news reporter for the Durban Sunday Tribune and later the Daily News (1990–1992). 

She began working primarily as a senior producer for Reuters Television in Africa in 1992. 

She began working as a freelance journalist; after four years, she was hired as a reporter and editor/producer by I.T.N. and Fox/S.K.Y., C.B.S. News, A.B.C. News (in London), N.B.C., and the European Broadcast Union. 

Furthermore, Lara Logan gained employment at CNN, where she covered events like the Kosovo War, the Northern Ireland conflict, and the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania.

Later, from 2002 through 2018, Lara Logan worked as a correspondent for C.B.S. News. Lara Logan began working for the conservative media organization Sinclair Broadcast Group in 2019. Lara Logan started working for Fox Nation, a paid streaming service Fox News offered in January 2020. 

Meet Lola Burkett and Joseph Burkett

Lola Burkett and Joseph Burkett
Credit – Daily Mail

In 1998, Lara Logan married Jaison Seimon, an Iowan playing professional basketball in the U.K.; the marriage ended in divorce, and she divorced him after 10 years of marriage in 2008.

In 2008, she got married to Joseph Burkett in 2008, a U.S. government defence contractor from Texas. It was the second marriage for both. The couple lives in Washington, D.C., with their children.

Lara Logan has two daughter from this marriage, Lola Burkett and Joseph Burkett. Lola Burkett was born in 2010 and is 13 years old; Joseph Burkett was born in 2008 and is 15 years old.

There is not much obtainable information about Lola and Joseph at the moment. But we will update you as soon as we get more information about their personal life.

Lola Burkett And Joseph Burkett Instagram Bio

Unfortunately, Lara Logan daughter, Lola Burkett and Joseph Burkett, are inactive on social media platforms like Instagram. So we couldn’t find anything about their presence socially.

But they may start using these platforms in the near future so we can get a closer look at their personal life. For now, it seems that they are more focused on their studies.

On the other hand, their mother, Lara Logan, has 103k followers on Instagram with the username “lara_j_logan,” but she is also not very active on social media accounts.

Lara Logan in Egypt 

Lara Logan in Egypt 
Credit- The Guardian

She was sexually assaulted back in 2011 when she was reporting from Egypt. About 200 to 300 guys were involved in the incident, which lasted about 25 minutes. Her camera’s battery died after she wrote about the festivities without incident for an hour.

When she later revealed that he had overheard the audience making inappropriate sexual remarks about her, one of the Egyptian C.B.S. crew members urged that they leave. She sensed hands on her and yelled “Stop” as soon as the camera stopped working.

One person in the audience shouted that she was an Israeli Jew, which C.B.S. described as a “match to gasoline” despite being untrue. Lara claimed they stripped off her clothes and sexually assaulted her with their hands while using their mobile phones to take pictures.

She reported that when they began viciously pulling her hair, they were trying to rip portions of her scalp off as they began twisting her body in different directions.

Lara was led across the square to a location with a barrier barring the crowd and camping for women. One woman with a chador put her arms around Logan as the other ladies in the group formed a circle around her, and some of the males accompanying the women began throwing water over the crowd.

Then when a group of soldiers arrived, one of them tossed Logan over his shoulder as the others used batons to push back the mob. She claimed that throughout the attack, she believed she would die. The following day, she was flown back to the U.S., where she spent four days in the hospital.

When she got home, she received a call from President Barack Obama. The assailants’ identities are still unknown; according to C.B.S., no charges were likely to be brought against any of them.

She has received several awards in her career

  •  American Women in Radio and Television Gracie Award, 2004
  •  The David Kaplan Award, Overseas Press Club, 2006
  •  David Bloom Award, Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association, 2007
  •  Daniel Pearl Award, 2011
  •  National Press Club’s John Aubuchon Press Freedom Award, 2011


How many children does Lara Logan have?

Famous reported Lara Logan has three children: two daughter Joseph and Lola, and one son, Ashley.

Who did Lara Logan marry?

Lara Logan got married twice. She first married Jaison Seimon, but the couple separated in 2008. Following her divorce, she married Joseph Burkett for the second time.

How old is Lora Logan?

Lara Logan was born on March 29, 1971, and she is 52 years old.

Where does Lara Logan live now?

Lara Logan lives in Fredericksburg Texas, with her children and husband

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