Lauren Boebert Education – What You Should Know?

Lauren Boebert Education

Lauren Boebert Education – Notable among Republicans, Lauren Boebert is a rising star. As well as being a politician, entrepreneur, and mother of four, she serves the city council.

This article covers detailed information about Lauren Boebert education, personal life, approval ratings, and net worth.

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Lauren Boebert Education

Lauren Boebert Education
Lauren Boebert Education

There isn’t much information about Lauren Boebert education.

However, we know that Lauren had continued her education in Rifles when her family moved to Rifles, Colorado, but she got pregnant by her now husband, Jayson Boebert, and decided to drop out of high school. She never formally continued her education after that.

After that, she started working at McDonald’s and, shortly after that, married Jayson Boebert. She and her husband worked at various firms before they started their restaurant in 2013.

Before her Republican Primary, she earned her General Educational Development (GED) certification in 2020.

As a far-right Republican, she supports the abolishment of the United States Department of Education and the critical race theory from schools. She has always been concerned about school kids and says the critical race theory is racist and would make children that way too.

Lauren Boebert Height

Lauren is 162 cm tall with black hair and brown eyes.

Lauren Boebert Approval ratings

Lauren Boebert Approval ratings
Lauren Boebert Approval ratings

In December 2019, Lauren announced that she’d be running for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district against Scott Tipton. Tipton was a 5-time winner of the election and was endorsed by Trump.

In the Republican Primary, she won a majority of about 54.6% within the party. This aroused nationwide attention from various political leaders and people. After that, she faced Democrat Mitch Bush in the general elections.

She vigorously campaigned to win the election, with Republican core values of independence and self-sufficiency. She was also focused on conservative areas to strengthen them.

Her widespread popularity within the state and the party made her win the elections with 51.27% of the votes. Winning more than half of the people’s hearts, she assumed office.

She gained massive support within the party and the state within a short period.

Lauren Boebert Net Worth

Lauren Boebert’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million in 2022.

Lauren has often mentioned that during the initial years of her life, her family had to live from paycheck to paycheck and with lots of government aid. She says that during that time, she thought it was important to have government support.

However, when she joined McDonald’s, her views changed. After getting a job, she said that she realized the importance of less government intervention.

Her husband, Jayson Boebert, is a businessman, and he started a consultancy in 2019 called Boebert Consultants. The company made a fortune of around $938,000 in just two years of starting. This huge turnover for the Boebert family led them toward financial independence.

Lauren even spent around $23,000 for the fuel charges of the Colorado election campaign in 2020 from her own pockets. The money paid off well, winning her the 3rd congressional district with more than half of the population’s votes.

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