List Of One Piece Movies – The complete list

List Of One Piece Movies

List Of One Piece Movies: One Piece is one of the most successful anime series ever. Just look at the sales and weekly ranking of the manga. You don’t remain at number 1 for so long if you aren’t popular. There is even a One-Piece themed amusement park in Japan. The anime started in 1999 and since then there has been a total of 14 movies in the franchise. All of them are major hits, some were even blockbusters. The thing about one-piece movies is that they aren’t complete fillers, there are some cannon references to it. Even Oda himself has participated in some of the movies and given his expertise. We are here for you to tell you about all One Piece movies and how good they were.

1. One Piece: The Movie

Let’s get back to East Blue when everything was good. The movie came out in 2000, just one year since the show started, and was an instant hit. It is a real treat for the old fans and the animation still holds up even at this point. And let’s be honest, the old animation of One Piece was way better than what we have now. Despite not being written by Oda, this movie really was able to use the characters properly. A basic plot line but a really enjoyable watch.


2. Clockwork Island Adventure

It is one of the underrated One Piece movies. It was released just one year after the first movie and was just as solid as the first one. The fights might have been a little bit rushed but it is a solid movie to watch. This movie was put together very well and every crew member shined in this. Usopp uses his brain, Zoro is the badass he is, Sanji with his goofiness and resolve, and Luffy just being Luffy.

Clockwork Island Adventure

3. Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals

This one is really one of the dull movies of One Piece. The main problem with the movie was that it had Chopper as the main protagonist but after a while, the story forgets about him. And none of the other crew members get much shine even. The movie had some plus points and a good comedic scene but suffers from lackluster writing.

Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals

4. Dead End Adventure

This one is definitely one of the best One Piece movies out there. This movie had everything. Gaspard’s devil fruit was terrifying and raised the stakes of the movie. Having another big-named bounty hunter was cool. The whole race concept between pirates was fantastic and we actually got to see actual deck-to-deck fighting on the ocean between ships.


5. The Cursed Holy Sword

This movie had more bloodshed but there wasn’t enough Zoro for a movie about him. The story didn’t feel like a One Piece story. This is definitely the least likable One Piece movie and considering it has Zoro as the main focus point it is a shame.

The Cursed Holy Sword

6. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

This is a darker version of One Piece that might not be to your taste. But it is an amazing movie. The amateur animation style can be loved, but the story can be jarring at times. And it was because it came out of nowhere. At the start, everything looks normal, fun, and cute but suddenly everything changes, and you are left there wondering what just happened. The emotion in this movie is just at the next level. Definitely, a movie to brawl your eyes out.


7. Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle

The OST of this movie is enough to watch it. It’s a nice traditional adventure, with a fun story, good action, great direction, a great soundtrack, and overall few flaws. Ratchet might be one of the most quirky and silly villains ever and stand out in the movie. The story might be kind of bland but it is still a really enjoyable movie.

Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle

8. The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta

Alabasta was an amazing arc. This movie is just a summary of that arc and it is amazing too. Well, if you pick an arc-like Alabasta there is a very minor chance you can go wrong. The whole Alabasta arc was compiled in just 90 minutes. Well, it’s really cool to watch the whole Alabasta arc in a new and better animation style. This movie might not have the same amount of impact as the whole arc, but it is still an amazing experience to watch.

The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta

9. Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura

This movie is again a recap of the Drum Island arc. Drum Island wasn’t that interesting of an arc, except it is. It is not as interesting as you want a One Piece arc to be, but it is never boring. No arc in One Piece which involves the admission of a new partner to the crew is bad. This movie involves Frankie, Robin, and Thousand Sunny so it becomes somewhat confusing.


10. One Piece Film: Strong World

This is where the One Piece movie started becoming a downright masterpiece. The movie prior to these was fun-loving and generic, but these movies raised the bar 100X. This movie was really hyped up all over the fanbase. And boy did it deliver. It is one of the best-animated movies you will ever watch and the ending is just beautiful. This movie has so many jaw-dropping moments and you will absolutely love it.


11. Straw Hat Chase

This movie is weird. I don’t know why it was made. It’s not bad in any sense, but it came at a time when One Piece world was picking up the pace. And due to that, it felt really underwhelming. But still, it’s just half an hour-long, so you can give it a go without any worry.

Straw Hat Chase

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12. One Piece Film: Z

This is the best One Piece anime movie, period. I am just jealous of all those people who were able to watch this on the big screen. The animation is great, there were a lot of CGIs but it looked beautiful. The soundtrack is just out of this world. Every single character had their moment to shine and you won’t be bored for even a single second while watching this. Toei Animation, release it in India on a big screen, I am begging you. Make it happen.


13. One Piece Film: Gold

Why did they off-screened Sabo and Lucci fight? WHY GOD WHY? They took two of the series’ most likable and strong characters, putting them in the perfect scenario to fight. But Why the hell, we didn’t see it? But still, if I look past that, which I can’t this movie is good. It did everything it was supposed to do. But give me that right now, I need that fight more than anything now.


14. One Piece: Stampede

The latest movie on the list. Do you want to see action? Lots of action? Like lots and lots of action? This is for you. Jampacked action movie which involves everybody, EVERYBODY. People are watching these kinds of movies in halls, and we don’t even have proper streaming channels for them. This movie is a treat, a real treat for every One Piece fan out there.



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