Top 9 Best One Piece Arcs

Best One Piece Arcs

Top 9 Best One Piece Arcs: This is going to be hard. 947 episodes, 993 chapters, and a total of 31 arcs(not including side arcs). Combining a list that will include only 9 of them will be hard, really hard. You can’t really ignore any arc of One Piece, every arc is important and had some significance. Now, without wasting any time let’s rank 23 years of work of Eiichiro Oda into a single list because apparently, we are better than him.

9.  Thriller Bark

An arc needs to be good from start to end to be considered one of the best. But not this one. A single man carries this whole arc on this shoulder. The man is Ronoroa Zoro. Zoro carried this whole arc on his shoulder. And because of that, even after a lazy and bad villain, the way Strawhats gets captured, and so many inconsistencies. But there are so many beautiful moments in the series. Luffy realizes Laboon is a friend of Brook,  Usopp being the hero he felt like he never could be just one arc ago, The final fight with Oars, A successful Three Sword Style Secret Technique, The absolute horror after Kuma showed up, and finally, that last moment of Zoro, soaked in blood and just being badass. Watch that scene again, then again, then again, and then again, unless you can’t watch it anymore.

Thriller Bark

8. Sabaody Archipelago

It is an underrated arc if you look at it. So many new characters are introduced in this arc and we see how powerful the pirate world is. So many new concepts were introduced in this arc like slavery, Haki, some insights into Gold Roger’s journey, Fisherman’s problems, and many more. For the first time, it felt that this is some serious business. For the first time, we thought that our heroes can lose. The stakes were higher than ever before. When every single Nakama was disappearing it was really heartbreaking and that moment when Luffy punched a Celestial Dragon is just amazing.

Sabaody Archipelago

7.  Arlong Park

This arc has one of the best fight scenes ever. The start of the fight is slow, like every fight in One Piece. As it picks up the pace, it is just otherworldly. Along with finding out about Zoro’s injury, Sanji is there just looking cool, Usopp is just being goofy as he is and Luffy shouting at the top of his lungs after beating Arlong. It’s just the best moment you can ask for. And the old animation of One Piece only adds to the nostalgia and it’s amazing. And above that, we saw the backstory of Nami, which made her one of the most lovable characters in the series.

Arlong Park

6. Marineford

The action-packed arc from start to bottom. This arc was something special. It was like a wave of sadness hit us. We were not over the separation of Strawhats yet and we got this. No one ever thought that Ace was gonna die, we knew that Luffy would save him. But damn you, Oda, you had to kill us from inside. We saw Whitebeard for the first time and for the last time too. And his last words “The One Piece Is Real!!” changed the whole One Piece.


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5. Alabasta

You remember the time when even though the arcs were long they didn’t feel stretched out even a single bit. Alberta was that arc. This arc had so many things. Chopper joining the crew, Zoro cutting the metal, Crocodile as a villain, what more do you want? This was the first Schibukai that our crew defeated. And this arc had so many sub-arc, but even after all that it didn’t feel slow or boring for even a single second.


4. Dressrosa

This arc took the whole show to the next level. It is one of the saddest yet feel-good arcs of One Piece. The build of this arc was so good. We get so many sad backstories of Corazon, Senor Pink, and The story of the whole town for god sake. But the moment that Luffy defeated Doflamingo is so good that there were flowers blossoming in my stomach. Toei Animation did its best to stall this arc without any reason, but guess what, they failed.


3. Water 7 and Ennies Lobby

I wanted to rate both of these arcs separately, but I couldn’t. Have you ever cried for a ship? Well, you will. In Water 7 we saw both Usopp and Robin leaving the crew. In Ennies Lobby we saw Straw Hats fighting the World Government itself to save Robin. This arc was fast-paced and intense throughout. We saw Usopp vs Brook, which is still one of the most heartbreaking scenes in One Piece. We saw Merry’s last moments, which is the saddest moment in One Piece. And Robin said “I want to live” is still one of the most impactful moments in One Piece.

Ennies Lobby

2. Skypeia

Don’t complain about why this arc is on the list so high. It is here because it deserved to be here. This arc has everything that is needed to make One Piece. An amazing villain, breathtaking action, a beautiful story, and a god-level comedy that we don’t see in One Piece now. We have forgotten about it but One Piece comedy used to be pure gold. The show is at a stage where we can’t see many comedy scenes, but this arc is an example of how good it used to be. And even after that Oda was able to make this arc one of the most intense ones too.


1. Wano

The thing about Wano is that it is not even completed yet. And still, this is the best arc of One Piece. It’s not because this is the most recent arc, I went back and read the whole 993 chapters again and it is still the best. We have gotten so much from this arc and it will give so much more. I won’t go into details about this arc as it is still ongoing and it will be a spoiler. But this arc is the best thing in One Piece till now and that is a fact.


Honorable Mention

  • Loguetown

I wanted to involve in this arc but sadly couldn’t. Let’s get back to where it all started. It was the last arc before we went to the Grand Line. The Strawhat crew started to shape up. Smoker appeared, Dragon appeared and Luffy was going to be executed by Buggy. The journey till this arc was amazing and in the end, they summed it up beautifully.


Know of any other arc that we might have missed or deserved the spot here? Comment down and let us know.

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