Local Providers Win Big in Kansas Broadband Funding Round

Local Providers Win Big in Kansas Broadband Funding Round

In Kansas’ most recent round of rural broadband funding, local providers received the majority of funds. Midco, a multi-state company with its headquarters in South Dakota, was also awarded.

Local Providers Win Big in Kansas Broadband Funding Round, Midco Also Wins

Ten counties will receive funding for the installation of broadband. These awards were given out under the state’s Broadband Acceleration Grant Programme.

In order to close the state-wide broadband gaps in Kansas, the Broadband Acceleration Grant Programme plays a crucial role.

Fixed wireless was the primary emphasis of some of the more recently established companies. However, Telecompetitor (the outlet) was emailed by Kansas Broadband Director Jade Piros de Carvalho to clarify that all of the awards were given for fibre broadband deployments.

Piros de Carvalho stated in a prepared statement, “We continue to hear from communities who need a better internet connection to help unlock their full potential. This program showcases our commitment to Kansans by investing in infrastructure that expands access and narrows the digital divide.”

The project will cost around $12 million in total, with awardees contributing an extra $6.6 million on top of the $5 million that was awarded. The providers will bear a large share of total expenditures compared to other state broadband funding programs.

Funding was awarded to eight providers in total. Of the seven businesses in Kansas, four are established rural providers with a history of over a century. The remaining three businesses were the ones founded in 1999 or after.

IdeaTek became fortunate with two awards worth approximately $2 million, enabling the provision of high-speed broadband to 1,537 locations across two counties.

That business was established in 1999. IdeaTek was followed by KwiKom, which received two awards totalling nearly $1.4 million to provide service to 223 locations across two counties. In 2010, KwiKom was founded.

Incumbent rural providers came in third and fourth place, respectively.

Approximately $615,900 was won by SKT-Twin Valley and $621,531 by WTC. Double awards went to SKT-Twin Valley.

With $546,923, Midco placed fifth. Blue Valley Technologies, Haviland Broadband, and Pioneer Communications are among the other providers that have received funds.

Here is the full list of awardees, the amount given, the matching funds, the number of places to be connected, and the counties to be served.

The funds given through this program will be directed toward places where broadband access is unlikely to be available without assistance from the federal or state governments.

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