Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson elected House speaker

Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson elected House speaker

The Republican Louisiana representative became the 56th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

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Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson elected House Speaker

The United States House of Representatives elected its new Speaker and ended its weeks-long standing chaos over the speakership on Wednesday.

Republican Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson was elected 56th Speaker on a first vote by the support of all 220 Republicans present and voting, while all 209 Democrats present voted for the leader of the House Democratic Caucus, Hakeem Jeffries. Johnson needed 215 votes to win the Speaker position.

The House voted 216-210, with eight Republicans and 208 Democrats, to remove California Representative Kevin McCarthy from his position as House Speaker at the beginning of this month.

Later, the House GOP nominated three higher-profile persons for the Speakership, including Steve Scalise, House Majority Leader and representative for Louisiana’s 1st congressional district; Jim Jordan, Representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district; and House Majority Whip Tom Emmer.

However, none of the GOP nominations could win enough Republican support to become a Speaker. As a result, Johnson was nominated Tuesday evening and won full votes to gain the position.

The newly elected Speaker is a conservative Republican and a backer of former President Donald Trump, who supported Trump’s 2020 election fraud theory.

Johnson opposes abortion and U.S. aid to Ukraine and supports LGBTQ regulations.

In his speech, the elected Speaker vowed to rebuild and restore Americans’ trust, which he says has deteriorated because of the shutdown of government activity after the removal of the former Speaker.

Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson elected House speaker
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Johnson said, “At this time of great crisis, it is our duty to work together, as previous generations of great leaders have, to face these great challenges and solve these great problems.”

“We want our allies around the world to know that this body of lawmakers is reporting again to our duty stations. Let the enemies of freedom around the world hear us loud and clear: The People’s House is back in business,” added Johnson.

The White House informed that U.S. President Joe Biden called Johnson on Wednesday to congratulate him on his successful victory. As per the White House, Biden promised to “work with House Republicans in good faith on behalf of the American people.”

Biden said, “Even though we have real disagreements about important issues, there should be a mutual effort to find common ground wherever we can. This is a time for all of us to act responsibly and to put the good of the American people and the everyday priorities of American families above any partisanship.”

Johnson’s election as House Speaker has resumed the government’s work this week. Without a Speaker, the House could not pass important legislation such as the aid package to Ukraine and Israel that Biden proposed to help these nations amid their ongoing battles.

Nonetheless, Johnson said on Wednesday that the first measure to be taken under his speakership would be the passing of the resolution to support Israel against its war with Hamas. With the election of the Speaker, the country looks forward to achieving government stability that was missing for weeks.


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