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Joe Biden

 Working meticulously as an attorney before trying his luck in politics, Joe Biden became the 5th youngest senator in US history and Delaware’s longest-serving senator as well. His luck turned the tables when one of the most cherished presidents Barack Obama introduced him as his Vice President both in 2007 and 2012. 

Joe Biden Biography

The story of a man who’s worked the hard yards is pretty unconventional. Due to his service to American citizens for two terms as Vice President, he was awarded the Presidential medal of valor by Obama in 2017. This year, he successfully launched his presidential campaign and has taken the lead by winning over 50% of the seats against his rival- Trump. 

Joe Biden Early life 

Born on November 20th, 1942, he grew up in Scranton in Pennsylvania. He often credits his parents to teach discipline and toughness and make him what he is today. In 1955, the family shifted to Delaware, and that’s the place that he has been known to serve and cherish forever. He then attended the University of Delaware where he learned history and political science. 

He fell in love with Neilia Hunter, and later on, he went to study at Syracuse University Law School and married Hunter in 1966. He was a mediocre law student back then. 

Joe Biden Political Career 

After practicing at a small law firm after graduating, he joined and became an active member in the circles of the Democratic Party in the 1970s. He started serving as a councilman after being elected to do so. 

In 1972, the Delaware Democrats encouraged him to fight against his very incumbent Republican counterpart. Even due to his dispassionate efforts, he was able to throttle Caleb Boggs in a tight-neck competition, and he eventually became the 5th youngest Senator in US history. His family mostly handled his campaign until then. 

Joe Biden’s Life’s Journey 

In 1972, in a devastating accident outside his house, Biden’s three children and his wife died on the spot. That Christmas was awful for him, yet he didn’t stop there. He backed himself to come out strongly and the rest of his history.

From the year 1973-2009, he became one of the most celebrated senators in the country; he was hailed as a foreign policy expert. Some of them include the strategic deduction in arms and relaxing deterrence against the erstwhile Soviet Union, helping peace restore in the Balkans and the success of NATO, and effectively dealing with the Gulf War in the 1990s. 

Joe Biden

With such tremendous expertise in foreign policy measures and public relations, Biden has been able to draw a lot of votes from former Republican areas and their vote banks seeking opportunities from the ongoing George Floyd incident that triggered the constant revolts against racial injustice and the dreadful Novel Coronavirus that the trump administration has been several ineffective to deal with.

Using this low of the opposition, do you think Biden will be able to use this opportunity and turn it into something that he has been waiting for all his life? We’ll get to know soon! 

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