Luke Bryan Wife – How He Met His Wife?

Luke Bryan Wife, Caroline Boyer

Luke Bryan wife, Caroline Boyer, and Luke have been married for around 14 years, and the duo is the parent of 5 children. Caroline Boyer is a businessperson, a shareholder in multiple companies, and an entrepreneur.

This article covers detailed information about Luke Bryan wife, Caroline Boyer, how the couple met, their personal life, and more.

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Who is Luke Bryan Wife, Caroline Boyer?

Who is Luke Bryan Wife, Caroline Boyer?
Who is Luke Bryan Wife, Caroline Boyer?

Caroline Boyer was born in Georgia. She went to Georgia Southern University, where she got her MBA and later launched her own clothing brand to support her family in the early years of her marriage.

When she restarted her career, she was supported by Luke and is now a successful businesswoman. She launched her company Brett’s Barn, named after her niece, who died when she was only seven months old. She died of Congenital Heart Disease, and Caroline tried to raise awareness about the same to gather more and more funds for future research.

When did Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer get married?

When did Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer get married?
When did Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer get married?

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer married in Turks and Caicos on December 8, 2006, at a small function with only close family and friends. There were only 25 people at the function, but it was one of the most beautiful events Turks and Caicos had seen in quite a long time.

Luke acknowledges Caroline as his biggest supporter as she took care of their household and the children when Luke was launching his music career on an international level.

What does Luke Bryan wife, Caroline Boyer, do for a living?

When Luke and Caroline got married, Caroline used to earn around $10,000 per month, but after their marriage, she stopped working because of their household responsibilities.

Later, she resumed working and right now serves as the proud owner of Best Bad Influence, a clothing brand. She donates all of the revenue to the Brett Boyer Foundation.

Luke doesn’t want his wife to live under his umbrella, and he wants her to flourish and leave her own mark instead of living as someone’s wife throughout her life.

She has appeared in one of Luke’s music videos, “Crash My Party,” and the couple enjoyed the time at set to the fullest. The presence was selective and was the first and last music video she was seen in.

She, technically, is also a professional prankster and joins in the event “Pranksmas” every year with her family. She once startled Luke so badly that he dropped the beer he held in his hand. She also once painted the soap with clear nail polish, and Luke wasn’t able to get the soap to wash his hands. She later realized that these were a blast.

This doesn’t mean Luke doesn’t take revenge. He once gaslighted Caroline into believing that she broke one of his trophies and also posted on Instagram about it. “Her blood pressure went to an all-time high,” she said.

Is Til Luke Bryan’s son?

Luke Bryan Family
Luke Bryan Family

Caroline and Luke have five children, out of which three are adopted. When Ben, Caroline’s brother, died and left behind his three children, the couple didn’t talk about it much. They adopted the three children, and the thought of adopting them was never in question.

Til, Kris, and Jordan live together with the couple under the same roof and are provided all the same means as their real children.

How did Luke Bryan meet his wife?

The couple met each other in college, where Luke was in his senior year while Caroline was a freshman. Luke fell in love at first sight, and the college sweethearts continued to date.

They dated in college and broke up because of Caroline’s commitment issues. Luke started talking about marriage which freaked out Caroline.

Luke had already started his music career in his senior year, and even after their break up, Caroline always went to all the shows he did in her state.

One night, everything changed, and they met at a bar, their eyes locked, and they fell in love. They just knew that they were going to end up back together.

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