Michigan Attorney Arrested in D.C. After Hearing on Dominion Document Leak

Michigan Attorney Arrested in D.C. After Hearing on Dominion Document Leak

On Monday, during a hearing in a different case in federal court in Washington, D.C., an attorney charged with a crime for tampering with Michigan voting machines after the 2020 election was taken into custody.

U.S. marshals detained Stefanie Lambert following a hearing regarding potential penalties against her for releasing private emails from Dominion Voting Systems, which has been the subject of conspiracy theories regarding the defeat of former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Lambert was able to access the Dominion emails through her representation of Patrick Byrne, a well-known donor to election conspiracy theorists who is facing a defamation lawsuit by Dominion.

The marshal’s office claimed Lambert was taken into custody on “local charges.”

After Lambert skipped her case’s hearing, a Michigan judge issued a bench warrant earlier this month.

In the case, Lambert faces four felonies for allegedly using voting machines to obtain evidence to support a 2020 election conspiracy theory against Trump.

Lambert filed a lawsuit in an earlier attempt to invalidate Trump’s Michigan loss but was unsuccessful.

Lambert had admitted to giving “law enforcement” access to the Dominion Voting Systems records earlier on Monday.

Then, she submitted to a filing in her own Michigan case an affidavit signed by Dar Leaf, a county sheriff in northern Michigan who had looked into false allegations of widespread voter fraud from the 2020 election and which contained some of the leaked emails.

The remaining documents were shared on X, a social media site formerly known as Twitter, to an account created under Leaf’s name.

Michigan Attorney Arrested in D.C. After Hearing Dominion Document Leak
Michigan Attorney Arrested in D.C. After Hearing on Dominion Document Leak

Byrne wrote in a text that he doesn’t know if Lambert had been arrested, but if she had, “I respect her even more, and she can raise her rate to me.”

Lambert argued that the Dominion records acquired through discovery constituted proof of “crimes” and had to be made public.

Byrne posted on the X platform, previously known as Twitter, that Lambert “signed an NDA, but she found evidence of ongoing crime and reported it to law enforcement.”

“If she found a severed head in discovery box she had a duty to report it to law-enforcement, too.”

On Friday, Dominion filed a motion requesting Lambert’s removal from the Byrne case because he violated a protective order placed on case materials by U.S. District Court Judge Moxila A. Upadhyaya.

It said that Lambert’s revelation had led to further threats being directed against the company, which has been the focus of intricate conspiracy theories over Trump’s defeat.

In its attempt to remove Lambert, Dominion stated, “These actions should shock the conscience.” Dominion added, “They reflect a total disregard for this Court’s orders, to say nothing of the safety of Dominion employees.”

In a Monday hearing, Upadhyaya announced that a follow-up hearing was planned to decide whether to impose sanctions on Lambert or have her removed from the case.

Dominion sued several people for defamation after they promoted conspiracy theories linking its election equipment to Trump’s defeat in 2020.

Dominion has brought multiple lawsuits against well-known election skeptics, including lawyer Sidney Powell, MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, and Byrne.

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