Mike Gallagher Wife – Is Gallagher Married?

Mike Gallagher Wife - Is Gallagher Married

Mike Gallagher is an American politician and former Marine Corps official. He is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional district covering the northeastern states. Mike has been in power since 2017 after succeeding fellow Republican Rield Ribble in the 2016 election. Also, Mike’s contribution to National Security is remarkable.

This article covers detailed information about Mike Gallagher, Mike Gallagher’s Biography and career, Mike Gallagher’s Wife, Anne Horak, and more.

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Mike Gallagher Wife: Who is She? 

Mike Gallagher Wife

Mike Gallagher is married to Anne Horak Gallagher. Mike and Anne have been married since 2019. They have a daughter together, born in June 2020. Anne is an American television, stage, and film actress. She is well known for her performance as the character ‘Roxie Hart’ in Broadway theatre productions of Chicago and ‘Rita’ in Irving Berlin’s White Christmas and as Roxie Hart. Along with being an actress, Anne is also fond of singing and dancing.

Anne was born in De Pere on May 5, 1984. Her parents were Orthopedic Surgeons. Anne completed her schooling at Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay. Anne has received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan. 

Anne has played roles in TV series such as Law and Order Special Victims Unit, Royal Plains, Forever, A Gifted Man, and Submissions. Also, she appeared as herself in one of the episodes of Keep Up with the Kardashians in 2014. Anne has also played a role in films such as The Irishman by Martin Scorsese.

Anne has also performed in Concerts such as Crazy For you and The Merry Widow, directed by Kathleen Marshall. Anne has performed musicals in the Lexington Opera House, Marriot Theatre, and Paper Mill Playhouse. Her performance was reviewed as ‘beautifully acted, assertive, richly connected and courageously danced.’

Mike Gallagher’s Biography and career

mike gallagher biography and career

Mike Gallagher, born Michael John Gallagher on March 3 March 1984, is an American politician currently serving as U.S. Representative of Wisconsin’s 8th congressional district. Mike has been in power since 2017 after he defeated his Republican ally in 2016 and took over the office on January 3, 2017. Mike is a member of the Republican Party.

Mike was born in Green Bay and completed his schooling there. But later, after his parents divorced, he moved to California and pursued further studies. Mike graduated from Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana. Later Mike began his doctoral studies and pursued Ph.D. in focus to Cold War and Graduated in 2002. Then in 2012, Mike completed a second M.A. in Security Studies and, in 2013 third M.A. from Georgetown University.

Mike has also been a U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Official. Mike has. Served seven years from 2006-2013 and was deployed twice. Mike has also been in the role of counterintelligence official and as a member of the CENTCOM assessment team. Mike assessed American military strategy in the Middle East, Iraq, and Central Asia. 

Mike Gallagher’s net worth in 2023 is estimated at around $5 Million. Also, Mike is among the richest politicians & listed as the most popular Politician. 


Anne Horak Gallagher

Here we have answered some frequently asked questions.

Q1: Who is Mike Gallagher’s wife? 

A: Mike Gallagher married Anne Horak in September 2019. Anne is an American film, television, and stage actress. Anne is well known for her performance as Rita in Irving Berlin’s White Christmas and as Roxie Hart in Broadway theatre productions of Chicago.

Q2: Who owns Gallagher’s house? 

A: Mike Gallagher owns the Gallagher house.

Q3: Where did Mike Gallagher grow up? 

A: Mike Gallagher was born and lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S. He completed his schooling in Green Bay. Later Mike moved to California after his parents divorced and used to spend his summers in Green Bay. Mike completed his graduation in California.

Q4: What district is Mike Gallagher in? 

A: Mike Gallagher is an American politician. Mike currently serves for the 8th Congressional District of Wisconsin, which covers the northeastern state. Mike has been in power since 2017.

Q5: Who is Mike Gallagher, the ex Wife?

A: Mike Gallagher is married to Anne Horak. He doesn’t have an ex-wife, as per our reports.

Final Thoughts 

There you have detailed information about Mike Gallagher’s Wife.

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