Mike Lindell’s Evidence Fails to “Shock the World” as Promised

Mike Lindell's Evidence Fails to Shock the World as Promised

Michael James Lindell is an American conspiracy theorist, political activist, and businessman.

Mike Lindell asserted that he had “explosive” new evidence in the Republican Kari Lake election case, demonstrating that voting machines were being used to manipulate elections.

He pledged to present the Supreme Court with startling information.

Mike Lindell was seen continually outspoken about this evidence while asserting that the evidence he has hands-on is major information and that he plans to shock the world.

Mike Lindell has a history of making bold claims about exclusive news; this evidence was sought as another one of his claims.

Even recently, Mike Lindell was seen speaking about the evidence in Steve Bannon’s podcast.

On the War Room podcast with Steve Bannon, Lindell bragged that he would be bringing a lawsuit for fellow Kari Lake, claiming that it would reveal “the most explosive evidence ever!…” It’s going to be the biggest thing ever, and we are going to save this country! … It’s going to shock the world!”

However, the evidence didn’t come across as a shock like he claimed it would be, and many had different reactions to this newly received information.

Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic concluded after reviewing Lindell and Kari Lake’s 52-page appeal that Lindell’s purportedly “explosive” evidence lacked even “a slight zap.”

Roberts added that the appeal simply restated well-known statements regarding the potential for voting machine tampering without offering specific evidence that such intervention had taken place.

Mike Lindell's Evidence Fail to Shock the World as Promised
Mike Lindell’s Evidence Fails to “Shock the World” as Promised

To put it simply, Laurie Roberts claimed that it lacked “concrete proof.”

With this, Lindell has been under fire for making hollow promises as his “shock the world” assertion fell short. MyPillow’s CEO, as usual, blamed the media, saying they failed to create an impact.

Lindell’s assertions were also met with skepticism by Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer. Richer stated, “Same old crazy.”

Though Lindell acknowledges that the Supreme Court will likely not take up Lake’s election complaint, his frantic requests for financial support are equally questionable.

In his discussion with Bannon, he described the effort as a “long shot.”

According to David Edwards of Raw Story, Lindell has been aggressively pleading for money to obtain what he calls an “emergency injunction to expedite this case.”

Lindell was seen pleading for financial support to spread awareness of the Supreme Court case. He stated, “We need your help!”

Lindell added, “I’m gonna take funds 100% of the money coming in is gonna go to help save our country.”

Lindell claimed “explosive” evidence was not well received by the anticipated public and can be seen being dismissed as just another one of his baseless claims.

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