Kari Lake Husband – Who is Jeff Halperin?

Kari Lake Husband - Who is Jeff Halperin

Want to know about Kari Lake Husband, Jeff Halperin? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

Renowned politician and former TV news anchor Kari Lake husband, Jeff Halperin, is a businessman from Arizona.

People have wanted to learn about Halperin since Kari Lake announced her candidacy for Arizona governor. They want to explore his support of his wife’s political ambitions and his involvement in her campaign.

 With this article we will provide you all the information about Kari Lake and her Husband, Jeff Halperin.

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Who is Jeff Halperin?

Full Name Jeff Halperin
Relationship Husband of Kari Lake
Date of Birth 25 September 1965
School/Education Bachelor’s degree in journalism and history from Creighton University
Children 2
Nationality American
Profession American Businessman
Public Presence
Limited; tends to maintain a private life
Notable Events
Married to Kari Lake, a political figure and former news anchor

Jeff Halperin is a founder of ZenHD company. Jeff has been a prominent figure in recent years due to his wife, Kari Lake.

Kari Lake Husband – Who is Jeff Halperin?

Kari Lake Husband, Jeff Halperin

Former TV news anchor Kari Lake husband, Jeff Halperin, is an American news anchor, independent videographer, and the owner of ZenHD, a video production company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, Jeff isn’t Kari’s first husband. Before Jeff, Kari was married to Tracy Finnegan. However, their relationship didn’t last long, so they split up.

Jeff is bilingual and fluent in Spanish. Jeff got his first job 1994 at NBC News after completing his bachelor’s degree in journalism and history from Creighton University. He worked for them for around four years as a News Editor and Photographer.

After leaving NBC News, Jeff worked as a news photographer at WNYT-TV from 1988 to 2000. This is where they worked together.

After working together for almost 10 years, The couple got married. Kari and Halperin have been married since 1998.

Currently, he is the business owner of  ZenHD/ZenVideo, a full-fledged production company that offers all aspects of video production services, such as broadcast, web production, and more.

Support Kari Lake

Jeff Halperin’s Net Worth

There isn’t much information about Kari Lake Husband, Jeff Halperin’s net worth, on the internet, but as the owner of ZenHD/ZenVideo, he must make a good amount of money. However, his wife, Kari Lake, has a net worth of around $3 million.

Jeff Halperin’s Age and date of Birth

Jeff Halperin’s birthday is estimated to be September 25, 1965. We only know this because Kari uploaded a photo of Jeff and her kids celebrating his birthday on Facebook in 2017. She appears younger than Jeff, meaning Jeff is estimated to be in his late 50s.

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Jeff Halperin and Kari Lake Personal Life

Jeff Halperin and Kari Lake Personal Life


Kari Lake married Jeff Halperin on September 26, 1998. However, Jeff isn’t Kari’s first husband. Kari Lake’s first husband was Tracy Finnegan, an electrical engineer. Sadly, their marriage didn’t work, and they decided to separate paths.

Kari met Jeff Halperin and married, and now, the duo has two children, Ruby and Leo.

Jeff isn’t very active on social media. Jeff’s lack of online activity suggests he prefers a private life. Although Jeff doesn’t often post on social media, we can see him on Kari’s social media handles. Kari doesn’t hold back when thanking and praising Jeff on social media.

Kari Lake Biography

Full Name Kari Ann Lake
Date of Birth August 23, 1969
Place of Birth Illinois, USA
Nationality American
Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism from the University of Iowa
Former news anchor; Political figure
Career Highlights
Long-time news anchor at FOX 10 in Phoenix, Arizona; Active in Arizona politics
Political Affiliation Republican Party
Notable Events
Ran for Governor of Arizona in 2022
Married to Jeff Halperin; has 2 children, Ruby and Leo.

Kari Lake

American politician and former TV news Kari Ann Lake is a former TV news evening anchor for Phoenix News, where she conducted numerous celebrity interviews with people like Trump, Obama, and others.

Kari Lake began her career in the field of journalism as an intern at KWQC-TV in May 1991. They hired her as a daily reporter and weekend television news anchor.

After that, she started working as a weekend weather anchor at KPNX Arizona.

After working there for 4 years, she moved to New York and worked with WYNT in 1998. She worked there for one year, moved back to Arizona, and began working with KSAZ-TV (Fox 10) news station until 2021.

In 2021, Kari Lake announced her candidacy for governor of Arizona in the 2022 election. However, she lost to democrat Katie Hobbs.

She has switched parties multiple times throughout her political career; she was a member of the Republican party till November 3, 2006, and later worked as an independent candidate.

Former president Donald Trump has endorsed candidate Kari Lake, saying that she will Republican primary for governor of Arizona.


Who is Jeff Halperin?

Jeff Halperin is the husband of American politician Kari Lake, a former news anchor and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. He is a videographer and owner of Zen HD.

How did Jeff Halperin and Kari Lake meet?

Kari Lake and her husband Halperin met for the first time on the set of WNYT-TV.

Do Jeff Halperin and Kari Lake have children?

Yes. They have 2 children, Ruby and Leo.

Is Jeff Halperin involved in politics like his wife, Kari Lake?

Kari Lake has mentioned at many events and on social media that her husband is very supportive of her political career.

Is Jeff Halperin active on social media?

Halperin is not very active on social media. He has a Vimeo account showcasing his videography work but is largely absent from other social media platforms.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed article covering everything we know about Former TV news host Kari Lake’s husband, Jeff Halperin. Due to Jeff’s lack of online presence, we couldn’t find much information about him.

However, we will update this article with more reliable information about him. Therefore, we recommend you bookmark this page.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article about Kari Lake and Her Husband. If you have any questions, please shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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    • Kari Lake’s husband is known to be supportive of her career and public endeavors. However, specific details about his background and personal life are kept private, respecting their choice to maintain certain aspects of their personal life away from the public eye.

  • With Kari Lake being in the public eye, how does her husband handle the media attention? Is he involved in public events or prefers to stay behind the scenes?

    • While Kari Lake is a public figure, her husband tends to keep a lower profile. He may accompany her to certain events but generally prefers to stay out of the spotlight, focusing on supporting her behind the scenes.

  • Has Kari Lake’s husband made any public statements or appearances that shed light on his views or involvement in her political career?

    • There are limited public statements or appearances from Kari Lake’s husband regarding his views or direct involvement in her political career. This discretion helps maintain a distinction between her public role and their private life.

  • What’s known about the dynamic between Kari Lake and her husband? How do they balance their personal life with her demanding public role?

    • While specific details about their personal dynamics are private, it’s clear that maintaining a balance between public responsibilities and personal life requires strong communication, support, and understanding, qualities they likely prioritize.

  • Are there any interests or hobbies that Kari Lake and her husband share, which they enjoy in their downtime?

    • The personal interests and hobbies of Kari Lake and her husband are not widely publicized. Like any couple, they likely have shared activities they enjoy together, helping them to unwind and connect away from the public eye.

  • How does Kari Lake’s family, including her husband, deal with the challenges and scrutiny that come with her political career?

    • Families of political figures often develop strategies to cope with scrutiny and challenges, emphasizing the importance of privacy, unity, and support within the family to navigate the complexities of public life.

  • Has Kari Lake’s husband been actively involved in her campaigns or political initiatives, or does he prefer a more supportive role from the background?

    • While he is supportive of Kari Lake’s career, there’s limited information on his direct involvement in her campaigns or political initiatives, suggesting he may prefer offering support more privately.

  • In terms of family values and principles, are there any known shared beliefs that Kari Lake and her husband publicly advocate for or embody in their personal lives?

    • Kari Lake has shared certain family values and principles in her public appearances, which likely reflect shared beliefs with her husband. However, the specifics of their personal embodiment of these values are kept private.

  • Considering the demands of Kari Lake’s career, how does her husband contribute to maintaining a stable and supportive home environment?

    • In any family where one member has a demanding career, maintaining a stable home environment involves teamwork, understanding, and flexibility. Kari Lake’s husband likely plays a significant role in providing support and stability, though specifics are kept private.

  • Is there any advice or insights that Kari Lake and her husband have shared about maintaining a strong relationship despite the pressures of public life?

    • While Kari Lake and her husband have not publicly shared detailed advice on maintaining their relationship, it’s evident that mutual support, respect, and prioritizing family time are key elements in managing the pressures of public life while keeping their relationship strong.