Mobile Satisfaction Study: AT&T and Charter See Highest Scores

Mobile Satisfaction Study AT&T and Charter See Highest Scores

AT&T secures the top position for customer satisfaction among mobile network operators with a score of 78, marking a 4% increase from 2023.

A new mobile satisfaction study released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shows that customer satisfaction with both mobile network operators (MNOs) and full-service mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) has increased over the past year.

Companies in both categories have an increase of 3% and a score of 78 points.

Quick overview of the American Customer Satisfaction Index

With the introduction of the 5G revolution, the wireless phone service and mobile devices are garnering customers’ attention.

The index study reveals that people are more likely to prefer three types of wireless service providers and cell phone makers. Here are the takeaways:

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs): AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are a few of the network operators.  Customer satisfaction for these companies has gone up by 3%, with an average score of 76. AT&T is the leading operator with a score of 78, followed by T-Mobile at 77 and UScellular and Verizon with scores of 74 each.
  • Full-Service Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs): Spectrum and Xfinity are two of the big MVNOs. They have also improved in quality and value, but not in every part of the customer experience. Charter/Spectrum had the highest customer satisfaction score, at 79, a 5% increase over 2023. It was followed by Comcast/Xfinity at 78, AT&T’s Cricket service at 77, Metro by T-Mobile at 76, and Dish/Boost at 74.
  • Value MVNOs: These are smaller companies that offer cheaper plans, like Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular has the highest customer satisfaction score among all wireless providers marking a good score of 85 with a 4% increase.
  • Cell Phone Manufacturers: The report also covers the stats of satisfaction of people with cell phone manufacturers.

Forrest Morgeson, Associate Professor of Marketing at Michigan State University and Director of Research Emeritus at the ACSI, said, “As 5G networks expand nationwide and new affordable 5G devices become available, consumers are finding even more reasons to reevaluate their mobile options.”

He added, “Customers want providers that can deliver on the promise of next-generation connectivity through competitive plans and excellent service — not just empty hype about speculative 5G speeds. Traditional carriers must reassess how they can better meet these needs or risk losing consumers to competitors that can give them more bang for their buck.”

Mobile Satisfaction Study AT&T & Charter See Highest Scores
Mobile Satisfaction Study: AT&T and Charter See Highest Scores

Score breakdown of MNO and MVNO:

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) Call Quality and Network Capability:

  • AT&T: Scored 82 for call quality and 83 for network capability.
  • T-Mobile: Scored 80 in both call quality and network capability.
  • Verizon: Scored 80 for call quality and 79 for network capability.
  • USCellular: Scored 77 for call quality and 76 for network capability.

Value Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs):

  • Consumer Cellular: Increased by 4% to a score of 85.
  • Mint Mobile: Increased by 5% to a score of 83 (recently bought by T-Mobile).
  • Tracfone: Increased by 5% to a score of 80.
  • Straight Talk: Increased by 3% to a score of 79.
  • Google Fi: Increased by 1% to a score of 77.


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