Moment of Truth Summit Speakers List

Moment of Truth Summit Speakers List

Moment of Truth Summit Speakers List is not officially announced but some details had been shared. Mike Lindell, CEO and founder of MyPillow and one of the most prolific propagators of debunked election conspiracy theories in the US, will host a Moment of Truth Summit on August 20 in Springfield.

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The “Moment of Truth Summit” will be held August 20-21 at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield. It includes a presentation by Lindell, expert discussions, speakers from 50 countries, a world premiere of a film that focuses on conspiracy theories about voter fraud, calls to action, uncovering new evidence, and much more.

The pillow tycoon, who claims to have spent up to $40 million of his own money to further Trump’s cheating allegations, is starting a two-day event on August 20 in Missouri, where he expects hundreds of representatives from pro-Trump “election integrity” groups and right-wing “constitution marshals” and other sympathetic law enforcement officials to join.

Moment of Truth Summit Speakers List

Speakers from 50 states, ten conservative sheriffs including Sheriff Richard Mack, Pastor Hank Kunneman, Political speaker Lance Wallmau, Mike Lindell, and many other prominent speakers will be presenting their speeches at the summit.

moment of truth summit speakers list

Some prominent speakers at the summit include former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon, son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

The summit will represent ten right-wing sheriffs, including former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack. He heads the extremist Constitutional Peace Officers and Sheriffs Association (CSPOA), which has shifted its focus from dubious legal claims over county sheriffs’ authority to the “sacred cause” of election oversight, which observers fear will limit voting rights.

No further information on the list of speakers for the summit, apart from a few, is yet to be announced.

What is the State of the States Address?


It is segment 2 of day 1, where all speakers from 50 nations will speak alphabetically. Speakers representing all 50 states will share their brave fight to fix 2020 first, including successes and failures and their current footprint into the future.

This segment begins at 11:30 am – 6:30 pm CT on the first day of Summit i.20. August.

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Mike Lindell’s The Summit will air live August 20-21. Viewers can watch full coverage of this summit and the premiere of the Selection Code film via World-wire’s live stream.

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A Message of Hope in Segment 4


In segment 4 of the event, Hank Kunneman and Lance Wallnau will deliver their speeches centralizing “A Message of Hope.”

Hank Kunneman is Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska’s senior pastor and the founder of One Voice Ministries. He will speak for the first hour from 9 am – 10 am.

A Message of Hope in Segment 4
A Message of Hope in Segment 4

Lance Wallnau, an Evangelist, political speaker, and podcast host, is an inspiring and inspiring educator who has touched thousands of lives. He is well-known for his lessons on Seven Mountains of Cultural Transformation, 8 Keys to Discovering Your Niche Market, Breaking Controlling Spirits, Sheep Nations Rising, and countless others. He will speak for the second hour from 10 am – 11 am.

This segment will encompass prayers and worships, led by Pastor Hank Kunneman and Lance Wallnau, with great messages and rational discussions.

Lindell said the “trial” would take place at his upcoming “Moment of Truth Summit” on voter fraud while speaking with Steve Bannon at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Lindell stated that on the second day of his summit, he would “make the machines try.” Over the weekend, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced plans to hold a trial where the defendants are the voting machines.

Lindell said that If we don’t eliminate them by the fall, they all vote in the midterms and kill the machines. He added that America would gradually get rid of all the devices.

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