Naagin 4 Grand Finale Episode: The Finale to lead to the premiere of Naagin 5?

Naagin 4 is airing its grand finale this weekend with its first episode being telecasted yesterday on 8th August. The second part of the grand finale of Naagin 4 will be aired today on 9th August at 8:00 PM on Colors. However, along with the grand finale, the premiere of next season of the franchise i.e. Naagin 5 will also be done tonight.

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Naagin 4 Grand Finale Episode

In yesterday’s episode, we have seen Vishakha kills Dev’s family in front of him in the form of Brinda and then stings him too to let him believe that Brinda has killed his family. Brinda gets shocked to see everyone dead and gets to know the true intentions of Vishakha.

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Vishakha tells her to bring Dev to Laal Tekdi Mandir or else he will die of her poison. Dev regains consciousness while Vishakha leaves. Dev tries to kill Brinda while she makes him understand the truth and then takes him to the Mandir to save him. As she enters the Mandir, it changes completely into a different place like haveli.

Naagin 4 Grand Finale Episode Written Update

In today’s episode, Brinda will see the pictures of various Naagranis in the haveli while Vishakha and Shalakha will try to take the Naagmani out of Dev’s forehead who is lying unconscious. Brinda will call the Naagranis for help and this will bring the Maha Naagrani Bela along with SHesha appear in front of her. Shesha will be seen in a positive character here.

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The trio will also try to take the mani out of Dev, however, will get failed. They will then pray to Bholenath while performing Tandav, to which the secret of the Laal Tekdi Mandir will be revealed which is the Sarvshreshtha Naagin. She will appear and ask the Naagins to perform Tandav along with her to get the Naagmani. The four Naagins will perform the Tandav and get the Naagmani.

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Sarvshreshtha Naagin will then hand over the Naag mani to Lord Shiva. Brinda will enquire about her and her story. Sarvshreshtha Naagin will tell her that her story is around thousands of years back. From here, Naagin 5 will get started with the story of Sarvshreshtha Naagin.

The story is about Sarvshreshtha Naagin and Nagraj. The story will be about their love. It will be revealed that they are the first of Shreshth Vansh and first Ichchadhari Naag and Naagin as they have been blessed with this blessing by Lord Shiva. However, the king of eagles Aaakes likes the Naagin and comes in between the loving couple.

The story of Sarvshreshtha Naagin and Nagraj will be revealed then and taken forward from next week onwards in Naagin 5. Hope you all are excited to watch the Grand Finale of Naagin 4 along with Grand Premiere of Naagin 5, so tune in to Colors at 8:00 PM and watch your favorite show.

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