Netflix New Feature Lets You Watch Some Series & movies for Free

Netflix New Feature Lets You Watch Some Series & movies for Free

Netflix has recently introduced a new feature in which users from all over the world will be allowed to watch some of the top and favorite shows on Netflix for free, the users will not need to log in or have a subscription for this, the feature is only available for Desktop and Android users as of now.

Netflix New Feature Lets You Watch Some Series & movies for Free

Yes, you heard it right, a popular show on Netflix for free, isn’t this great? you might wonder that when was this announcement made and what are the shows you can stream for free, so let me tell you that this announcement has just been made and the feature is live on the Netflix website. However there is a certain limit to how much of the content you can watch, you can only watch several episodes of a show, to continue watching it, you will have to proceed with a subscription, below is a list of the shows and movies you can watch for free.

What are the shows and movies you can stream for free on Netflix?

Netflix New Feature Lets You Watch Some Series & movies for Free

Here is a list of shows and movies you can stream for free:

  1. Stranger things: After the strange and abrupt disappearing of a little youngster, the individuals of an unassuming community start to reveal insider facts of an administration lab, entrances to a different universe and vile beasts. The kid’s mom (Joyce) urgently attempts to discover him, persuaded he is in grave peril, while the police boss looks for answers.
  2. Murder Mystery: A New York cop and his significant other go on a European get-away to revitalize the sparkle in their marriage. A possibility experience prompts them to be encircled for the homicide of an older tycoon.
  3. Elite: The series is set in Las Encinas, a fictional elite secondary school and revolves around the relationships between three working-class teenage students enrolled at the school through a scholarship and their wealthy classmates.
  4. Boss Baby Back in Business: With the assistance of his older sibling and sidekick, Tim, Boss Baby keeps on exploring the merciless corporate wilderness exercise center of Baby Corp, while calculating to accomplish the close outlandish: a work-life balance.
  5. Bird box: At the point when a puzzling power wrecks the populace, just a single thing is sure – on the off chance that you see it, you kick the bucket. The survivors should now abstain from encountering a substance that appears as their most exceedingly terrible apprehensions. Looking for trust and a fresh start, a lady and her kids set out on a hazardous excursion through the forested areas and down a waterway to locate the one spot that may offer haven. To make it, they’ll need to cover their eyes from the malevolent that pursuits them – and complete the outing blindfolded. Also Read: Netflix’s Stranger things Season 4 Release Date, Cast, & Everything We Know So Far
  6. When they see us: At the point when They See Us depends on occasions of the April 19, 1989, Central Park jogger case and investigates the lives of the five presumes who were indicted on charges identified with the rape of a female casualty, and of their families.
  7. Love is blind: The arrangement follows thirty people wanting to discover love. For ten days in a speed dating design, the people date each other in various “cases” where they can converse with one another, yet not see one another. At whatever point they chose, the men had the option to propose to the lady they need to wed. After the proposition, and meeting vis-à-vis just because, the connected with couples went to a couples retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. During this outing they invested energy becoming acquainted with their accomplices and had the option to meet different couples partaking in the analysis.
  8. The two Popes: Behind the Vatican dividers, Pope Benedict and the future Pope Francis must discover shared opinion to produce another way for the Catholic Church.
  9. Our Planet: It was four years really taking shape and was recorded in 50 nations, and more than 600 team individuals participated in the creation. The arrangement centers around the expansiveness of the decent variety of natural surroundings around the globe, including the Arctic wild, the remote ocean, the immense scenes of Africa and the various wildernesses of South America.
  10. Grace and Frankie: The arrangement follows Grace, a resigned beauty care products head honcho, and Frankie, a hipster workmanship instructor, whose spouses, Robert and Sol, are effective separation legal advisors in San Diego. Effortlessness and Frankie’s lives are flipped around when Robert and Sol report they are enamored with one another and are leaving their spouses.

How to stream stranger things and other shows on Netflix for free?

Netflix New Feature Lets You Watch Some Series & movies for Free

Netflix has recently enacted this feature on their website worldwide, you can watch the free shows without signing up on Netflix by going to the following link. Click here to watch Stranger things for free.


This new feature on Netflix is in its first stage and can be temporary also, there are streaming services which issue some of their content for free to the people, Netflix has tried something similar, they will bring more shows for free.

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