Netflix’s Dark’s Top Best Characters & their Timelines

Netflix's Dark Top 8 Best Characters & Their Timelines

Netflix Original dark is a German series that has mind-bending sci-fi relevance and time travel. It has its reputation of being the most confusing series ever since its debut in 2017. Although fans have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of Dark season 3, this how hit the top charts with its season 2.

Netflix’s Dark Best Character 2022

Let’s look back at some of the best characters in the series:

-Jonas Kahnwald

The main character in the series is Jonas Kahnwald, around whom the mysteries of time travel reveal. The future Jonas is known as “Adam” is said to be a monster who is causing the cycle of time travel and is the primary key in the future, who readily scarifies anything and everything that comes in his way. Undoubtedly, Jonas is one of the best characters on the show. It becomes interesting when the Mystery man (another of Jonas’s future self) arrives in Winden to destroy the passage. The passage is the bridge between the past, present, and future.

-Claudia Tiedemann

Another of the main characters of the series is Egon Tiedemann’s daughter, Claudia Tiedemann, who is also a part of the time travel cycle. She is also referred to as the “White Devil” in the series. She understands the cycle when she meets her future self and finds out about the “God Particle” in the Winden Powerplant. She is very desperate to her daughter, who is dying from cancer, and she spends her whole life knowing that she won’t survive long enough in the process of understanding time travel.


Character Noah plays a brilliant role in the series; from the day his presence is made in the series, he is shown as the bidder for one group called the “Sic Mundus creatus est.” He is the one that makes sure everything follows in the loop and is the one that brings Helge into the picture. He also kills a few kids as a sacrifice for his duty of keeping the cycle in the loop.

-Charlotte Doppler

She is the chief of police in Winden and the one with the most complex family tree, especially when it turns out that Noah, the man responsible for the killings, is her Father. Along with her husband and two daughters, she is involved in the time travel story.

-Ulrich Nielson

He is the desperate Father who is a cop on a mission to find his son who gets disappeared in the Winden caves. By far, his story is the most saddening, seeing the events that unfold in his life after he passes through the passage to find his son. Through the caves, he reaches the year 1953; he meets Helge, and later everything about his brother Mads Nielson unfolds in front of him.


He is the innocent pawn of the group “sic Mundus creates est” who exploited him to keep the cycle going. He later has dementia, and nobody believes a word he says; he also realizes that he was played all along and was involved in the killing of Mads Nielson, Ulrich’s brother.

-Mikkel aka Micheal Kahnwald

He is the same boy who disappears through the caves in the present and travels through the passage to the past. He realizes what has happened to him, and it takes a toll on him since he is a child, and he tries to cope with the situation with the help of Ines, the nurse. He changes his name to Michael, who marries Hannah and is the Father to Jonas.


She is love interest of Jonas in the series, and is confused about what is happening after her brother and Father disappear. She also finds the truth about time travel and is one of the main characters in the series. She will be seen in a new avatar in season3 and this time with a modern twist to the story.

Netflix's Dark Top 8 Best Characters & Their Timelines

With the complicated storyline, this series will grow on you, and it is worth a try!

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