New T-Mobile security measures prevent data breaches

New T-Mobile security measures prevent data breaches

T-Mobile is expected to introduce new Security measures to regulate the cases of data breaches.

Here are the details of the news.

New T-Mobile Security Measures Prevent Data Breaches

One of the United States‘ top network operators, T-Mobile, reportedly plans to bring new security measures for its customers to prevent data breaches.

The decision came after T-Mobile’s several failed attempts to implement security measures that could prevent data breaches in recent years.

According to the internal communication shared on T-Mobile’s subreddit, the carrier will introduce advanced measures to prevent cybercriminals from accessing customers’ data.

In the shared plan detailing the new cyber security measures for Cyberfest 2023, the carrier presumably denotes October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the message probably addressed T-Mobile employees.

The text states, “Throughout Cyberfest, you will have the opportunity to learn about cyberthreats from industry experts, test your cyber knowledge, win awesome prizes, and take a sneak peek at some advanced cyber initiatives we are launching as a company to keep cyber criminals away.

During Cyberfest, you will learn about several important security initiatives that are scheduled to launch over the next few weeks. These programs are designed to immediately fortify T-Mobile’s ‘CyberShield’ while simultaneously making it easier and faster to authenticate employees and customers.”

New T-Mobile security measure prevent data breaches

The message notes four programs for the new cyber initiatives: Cybershield, Zscaler, Account Verification, and Name Match, and ResetMe.

Despite being the most reliable network provider in the country, T-Mobile has faced criticism from its users for multiple data breaches. Earlier this month, they also faced criticism for the T-Mobile Pay More or Opt Out plan.

For example, by May of this year, the carrier had experienced two data breaches.

In September, the users reported a glitch in T-Mobile’s application that allowed customers to see other user’s account information. As per the report, T-Mobile’s data breaches have impacted around 37 million people in recent years.

Moreover, the financial effect of cybercrime is estimated to reach $8 trillion by the end of the current year. As such, the carrier must take strict measures to regulate its cyber security to ensure the security of customers’ data and avoid further cases of data breaches.

Although T-Mobile has not commented on the shared documents and its renewal of security measures, it said it was working to strengthen its cybercrime regulation laws.

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