Nikki Haley does not support the US withdrawal from the UN

Nikki Haley does not support the US withdrawal from the UN

During the administration of Donald Trump, Haley held the position of UN ambassador. She is now vying with former President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination 2024.

Nikki Haley does not support the US withdrawal from the UN

In an interview, Republican presidential candidate Haley was asked if she agreed with the claim that the UN has been “historically anti-American and antisemitic.” The host of Fox News, Sean Hannity, questioned her on the matter.

“That’s a true statement,” Haley responded.

Sean Hannity questioned whether, if she became President, the United States would “get out” of the UN.

Nikki Haley stated, “The only thing is we would defund the UN as much as possible. The only reason, Sean, you don’t get out of the UN is we’re one country of five that has a veto,”

Haley stated that although she supports “taking as much money away from the United Nations as possible,” the organization does not support American withdrawal. Haley was the US ambassador to the UN for a part of former President Donald Trump’s White House term.

Haley told Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel that the US was one of five countries with veto power, which was why it was staying in the UN.

She added, “And the number of things we were able to stop China, Russia and Iran from doing with that veto matters, and so you keep bad things from happening. But we don’t have to pay at the level that we’re paying, and we don’t have to be in any of those other organizations.”

In the EU UN Security Council, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, France, and Russia all have veto rights.

Additionally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, running for the Republican presidential nomination, has stated in favour of reducing payments to the UN.

DeSantis, in a post, wrote: “That Joe Biden doesn’t have the moral conscience to have his Ambassador to the UN veto this nonsense that doesn’t even condemn Hamas while he is dining with Xi in San Francisco shows you who he seeks to placate. This ends in my admin.

We will unequivocally support Israel, take names, make it clear those countries who are hostile to Israel risk their relations with us, and defund the UN.

No longer should American taxpayer dollars support this corrupt, morally bankrupt hotbed of antisemitism that empowers our enemies and coddles dictators and the worst human rights abusers.”

Bryan Gryphon, the press secretary for DeSantis, retweeted that post from the politician and wrote, “Ron DeSantis will defund the UN.”

This week, Haley sparked controversy by declaring that “every social media user should be verified by name.” According to her, individuals would be more civil because they would be aware that their name appears with their posts and Russian, Chinese, and Iranian bots would be eliminated.

Later, in an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Haley stated that she supports American freedom of speech but not that of Russia or Hamas. “We need our social media companies to check everyone,” the woman stated.

She said that although she supported Americans’ right to free expression without restriction, she did not support the same rights for Chinese, Iranians, or Russians.

Haley campaign spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas told the Associated Press, “What Nikki does not support is allowing the Chinese and Iranians to create anonymous accounts to spread chaos and anti-American filth among our people.”

She added, “Social media companies need to police this much better.”

While Trump maintains a double-digit advantage over his rivals, Nikki Haley has unexpectedly moved up to the second position in several recent polls. The candidates are vying to take over the former President’s lead, but it’s still a great feat to achieve.

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