Nikki Haley’s Rise Will Clinch Donald Trump’s Victory

Nikki Haley’s Rise Will Clinch Donald Trump’s Victory

Although Nikki Haley isn’t exactly winning every round, her steady ascending to the top of the presidential primary field represents one of the key breakthroughs in a contest.

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Nikki Haley’s Rise Will Clinch Donald Trump’s Victory

Haley is in second place in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and she is tied for second place in Iowa with Ron DeSantis.

Even if she is far behind Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican primary, it is still a significant accomplishment for her to have caught up to or surpassed DeSantis, considering the enthusiasm the Florida governor enjoyed earlier in the campaign.

The debates have been immensely helpful to Haley, as she has been persuasive, knowledgeable, and aggressive. She has appealed to Republicans by playing the harsh and uncompromising Thatcherite ideal of what a female politician ought to be.

The emergence of Nikki Haley in polls and buzz as the 2024 GOP primary voting phase draws near surprises many anti-Trump Republicans. Haley presents a character and message that respectable GOP elites find endearing, and that appeals to those beyond the party base.

Most importantly, Haley stands out as a fresh, interesting candidate in stark contrast to Ron DeSantis.

The governor of Florida is beginning to lose his charm. His electability argument revolved around his 2022 reelection victory, which is now firmly in the past.

Nikki Haley’s Rise Will Clinch Donald Trump’s Victory
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His tales about bullying Mickey Mouse, diversity consultants, and schoolteachers are no longer as appealing. Furthermore, his attempts to persuade Republicans that the 45th president is a RINO wimp have been completely ineffective.

Haley has risen while DeSantis has fallen in New Hampshire, her home state of South Carolina, and most recently in Iowa, thanks to a few strong debate performances, her excellent instincts for appealing to various audiences without being desperate, and the weaknesses of her rivals.

Which raises a question: Is she the long-awaited non-MAGA Republican rival to Trump?

The possibility exists, but there’s a major catch. The number of Republicans who aren’t MAGAs is too small to support a serious challenge to the front-runner, so her vote is most likely limited to a level far lower than Trump’s.

DeSantis’s tactic of portraying himself as a more genuine right-winger, the natural successor, and a perfect representation of the MAGA movement was the right strategy for defeating Trump. He needed to gain the necessary skills to topple the movement’s founder.

Rich Lowry, an anti-Trump conservative, acknowledges in Politico that Haley isn’t the best candidate to dethrone Trump or take away his support in the primary.

A closer examination of the race reveals that Haley is largely likely to inherit voters who were taken from the front-runner and aren’t likely to be leaving the once-dominant DeSantis bandwagon. According to polls, most DeSantis voters routinely choose Trump as their second option.

As Haley ascends, so does Trump, and neither of them has quite the kind of backing required to win. Naturally, Haley could emerge victorious as the final opponent if the Trump campaign encounters some misfortune before he secures the nomination, as his rivals in the GOP have been quietly hoping.


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