No Labels Co-Chair Quits as Group Pursues Third-Party Presidential Ticket

No Labels Co-Chair Quits as Group Pursues Third-Party Presidential Ticket

Nancy Jacobson, the company’s current president and CEO, established No Labels in 2010 with the motto “Not Left. Not Right. Forward.”

The goal of the American political group No Labels is to uphold centrism and bipartisanship through what it refers to as the “commonsense majority.”

Pat McCrory, the former governor of North Carolina, who served as national co-chair of No Labels, is leaving his position a few days after the independent group members decided to proceed with a presidential ticket.

The Wall Street Journal first reported McCrory’s departure from No Labels.

During the Friday interview with NBC News’s “Meet the Press NOW,” McCrory spoke about his departure and defended the organization’s aim.

He stated, “The two parties are failing us.”

He added, “People want common sense solutions to some very complex issues that are being kicked down the road,”

The former Republican governor also told NBC News about his departure, “I gave it my all for over a year as volunteer co-chair, but it is now time to move on.”

McCrory added, “I wish the best for the No Labels movement, the wonderful teammates I worked with, and all those throughout the country who know that now more than ever, we must put country over party at all levels of government.”

No Labels Co-Chair Quit as Group Pursues Third-Party Presidential Ticket
No Labels Co-Chair Quit as Group Pursues Third-Party Presidential Ticket

McCrory was listed as a national co-chair on the No Labels website early on Wednesday, but his name had been removed by the evening.

Benjamin F. Chavis is now on the list as national co-chair.

Regarding the presidential ticket, the No Labels is yet to be disclosed.

However, national convention chair Mike Rawlings stated last week, “They voted near-unanimously to continue our 2024 project and to move immediately to identify candidates to serve on the Unity presidential ticket. Every one of our delegates had their own explanation for wanting to move ahead,”

The group also announced last week that it will make the announcement regarding the candidate’s selection procedure on Thursday.

According to No Labels, many voters are willing to support an independent candidate due to the undesirable rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Liberal organizations, on the other hand, have attacked them, stating this move as a potential spoiler ticket that might give Trump a second term in 2024.

In response to the Liberal-leaning group’s criticism, the group said that the “charge is being peddled by people who want to scare the public, sow doubts, and limit Americans’ choice at the ballot box.”

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