NTCA & NRTC: Uniting for Rural Connectivity

NTCA and NRTC's Strategic Agreement

Discover the groundbreaking partnership between NTCA & NRTC, aimed at revolutionizing rural connectivity in the U.S. Learn how this strategic alliance is bridging the digital divide and advancing internet and telecommunication services in rural communities.

The two organizations, NTCA and NRTC, have joined hands to expand telephone and Internet facilities in the rural regions of the United States

Here are the details of the news:

NTCA & NRTC: Uniting for Rural Connectivity

The members of Rural Broadband Associations, NTCA (National Telephone Cooperative Associations), have gained access to a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) platform offered by the NRTC (National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative). 

NTCA & NRTC: Uniting for Rural Connectivity

The access came as a result of an agreement between the organizations. NTCA consists of more than 850 independent telecommunications companies that provide broadband connectivity and Internet services in rural communities in the United States. The NRTC is a cooperative of broadband and electric providers. Since 1986, the organization has provided services and resources to rural telecommunications companies. Its membership comprises over 1,400 organizations, including electric cooperatives, telephone cooperatives, telephone companies, etc. 

According to the agreement between NTCA and NRTC, the provider members of NTCA will have access to MVNO platforms offered by NRTC. The members will be provided access to provisioning, billing, e-commerce, and customer and logistics support services. NRTC will also waive the up-front startup fees of the NTCA providers under the agreement to help them offer more affordable bundled or standalone services.  

Benefits and Future Prospects of the NTCA-NRTC Partnership

The information in the NTCA press release stated that the agreement contains other benefits, including access to special financing for devices, an activation credit for new mobile subscribers, and marketing support. 

Although the NTCA has acted as a facilitator for its members, helping them connect with the NRTC’s MVNO platform, it seems to maintain a distance from the specific terms and conditions of the agreement. In its announcement, the NTCA clarified that it is not a party to any MVNO agreement between its members and the NRTC. 

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In another statement, NRTC CEO Tim Bryan said, “NTCA and our telephone members know the value of mobile services, and NRTC’s mission is to make these solutions available to them. We are thrilled to work with NTCA to offer a turnkey and financially viable mobile offering for members to implement and operate, enabling them to expand their service offerings and strengthen their brand.” 

The association of NTCA and NRTC is a positive development that will improve the overall connectivity of rural communities nationwide. With NRTC providing the required resources to enhance internet availability, the NTCA provider will reduce the digital divide among the rural regions. 

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