One Piece Chapter 985 Release Date: Spoilers- Kaido Kills Orochi?

One Piece Chapter 984

One Piece Chapter 985 Release Date, Spoilers: Kaido Kills Orochi?: If you are a regular reader of One Piece you will know that One Piece is one of the most unpredictable manga of all time. Anything can turn towards anywhere and with the storyline is more complex than ever it was expected that Eichiro Oda will give us at least two or three surprises in the Wano Arc and till now he had delivered.

Wano Arc has been one of the most interesting arcs of One Piece ever and the recent spoilers that just got leaked show that Mugiwara Pirates’ situation is going to get worse from here. So without any more delay let’s take a look at the leaked spoilers and how can they affect our whole theories.

One Piece Chapter 985 Release Date

The new chapter of One Piece will be out on 19 July 2020(20 July in some regions). And the theories are out there saying that it will be a double issue or extended issue. And the spoilers that out show that it might be an extended chapter. Which is a treat for us fans? But, sad news following that One Piece will go on a break again after that. But more news on that aside, Let us take a look at the spoilers we got on our hands.

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One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers

Major Spoilers Warning, If you are a die-hard One Piece fan and don’t want it to be spoiled, don’t read any further

The first piece of spoilers we got is that Orochi will get killed by Kaido as Kaido wants to start the greatest war the world has ever seen that will destroy the peace itself and Orochi is useless for that. He wants to make Yamato the leader of the New Wano(But as we saw in the last chapter Yamato has taken the side of Luffy, so more plot twists there). The new country will declare war against the world. And the main purpose of the alliance with Big Mom is to get all the ancient weapons and to find the ultimate price One Piece.

The spoilers are leaked by some trusted sources, it took a really long time for these spoilers to be confirmed, so we can say that these spoilers are pretty much confirmed. But we are not saying that these things will definitely happen in the next chapter, as sometimes the creators deliberately leak fake spoilers to distract the fans and increase the hype. But Oda is not known for these types of stunts and most of the leaked spoilers related to One Piece turns out to be true in some way.

One Piece might be on a break next week not because of Oda, but because Weekly Shonen Jump will take a break due to the original date of the Olympics.

One Piece Chapter 985 Where To Read

You can read One Piece’s latest chapter on Viz’s Media Shonen Jump site. One Piece is also collected in manga tankōbon volumes. We request you to use only the legal and legit sources as it will promote the work of creators.

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