One Piece Episode 932 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Trailer, and Where To Watch?

One Piece Episode 932

One Piece anime is slowly reaching an interesting point. And the last episode was a treat to the fans. We got the most anticipated bathing scene at last, after a very long wait. We saw some good action too in the episode and the inevitable confrontation of Luffy and Queen is finally going to happen too.

One Piece Episode 932

So the Wano arc is at the point where every episode will be interesting. But Toei Animation has a bad habit of extending every scene making it lose its charm a little bit. That is exactly what happened in Whole Cake Island Arc. Everyone was hyped up for the Luffy VS Katakuri fight but the animation studio extended it to such an extent that most fans got bored or annoyed with the longevity and repetitiveness of the fight. But let’s put that aside, Wano arc is going to be so interesting so soon that no one will know what hit them.

One Piece Episode 931 Recap

Luffy and Old Man Hyo are climbing the wall of the labor prison and he is attacked by guards which made him fall down. Raizo goes to Luffy’s cell to find it empty. Meanwhile, Tonoyasu told Law, Usopp, and Franky that Zoro just left because his word was stolen.  Sanji is at the bathhouse with his invisible power.

In the bathhouse Nami, Robin and Shinobu are talking and Shinobu told them about the Underworld boss Hyogoru. And in the prison, it is revealed that the Old Man Hyo himself is Hyogoro, the Former Yakuza Boss. In the prison cell, Raizo meets one of his former friends Kawamatsu and he told him that he will set him free. Queen on the other hand removes the cuffs from Luffy for the deathmatch that is about to start.

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One Piece Episode 932 Release Date

One Piece Episode 932 will release on July 12, 2020. That is tomorrow. A new episode is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule.

One Piece Episode 932 Spoilers and Predictions

A preview of the next episode was released right after Episode 931 showing what will happen in the next episode.

Some things to notice are that the cuff that is on Luffy’s and Old Man’s neck are slaves cuff. Slaves Cuff are used by Celestial Dragons for their slaves. If anyone of them even put one leg out of the ring even accidentally they will die because of the cuffs. No weapons are given to them whereas their opponents can use any weapons they want. No limit on how many opponents will be there and at last even Queen can enter the ring just to finish off Luffy. Luffy’s Haki might be almost perfected now but the number advantage is against him. How will Luffy escape this catastrophe? We will see it in the next episode.

Those who read manga know what will happen but those who only watch anime are in for some really good action scenes and Luffy will show off his new ability too. We will also see Zoro in action in the next episode and worry not guys the bath scene will continue in the next episode too. So hold tight, The One Piece train is set to go again on a wild ride and you are going to enjoy every second of it.

One Piece Episode 932 Where to Watch

You can watch the latest episode of One Piece on Crunchyroll for free and f you have a paid subscription you can watch the episode without advertisements. We request you to watch the anime from legit sources only as it will help the creators.

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