One Piece Episode 933 Release Date, Preview, Review, and Spoilers (Where to Watch Online)

One Piece Episode 933

One Piece Episode 933 Release Date, Preview and Spoilers: One Piece is back on the track after a long hiatus of Corona Pandemic. Two episodes have been released after the pandemic and it looks like the anime is not taking a break now and will run smoothly for a while now. One Piece is one of the best anime of the decade or you can say all time and no one will deny it.

One Piece Episode 933

One of the most loved characters of One Piece is Roronoa Zoro, who we haven’t seen in action for a while now. Fans were getting really anxious for it, But as it stands now in the next episode our wait can finally end. But other than that also the last episode was the pretty fire. Some pretty good action, Luffy vs Queen, Luffy enhanced haki and much more. Let’s look at what happened in the episode and what will happen in the upcoming one.

One Piece Episode 932 Recap

The Sumo tournament is starting and every member of Beast pirates wants to kill Luffy and Old Man Hyo. Rules are against Luffy and Old Man Hyo as they have to fight barehanded while the Beast Pirates can fight with weapons. Luffy was thrilled about the situation and when everyone was attacking him, Luffy unleashes his Conqueror Haki and every opposition fighter fainted. Everyone was shocked by what just happened.

Meanwhile, Hawkins and X Drake raided the bathhouse to find out members who have a tattoo of the crescent moon on their ankles. Sanji was there spying on Nami and Rabon and was able to save them somehow. Sanji told them that Hearts pirates have been captured and Law has gone to save them. Back to the prison, Luffy is beating everyone with ease and he told Old Man that he is using this as a chance to test his technique. And on the other side of the town, Zoro caught the person who had stolen his sword.

He told Zoro that he will return the Shishui where it belongs. Zoro draw his swords and challenge the thief to get his swords back.

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One Piece Episode 933 Release Date

Episode 933 will release on 19 July 2020. A new episode is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule.

One Piece Episode 933 Preview and Spoilers

A 20-second promo right after the episode was aired to show us what will happen in the next episode. The next episode is titled Gyukimaru! Zoro Fights a Duel on Bandit’s Bridge”. So fans who have read the manga will know what will happen in the episode.

Zoro is going to fight the thief to get Shishui back and there will be sudden turn of events there also. In the next episode, we will see the fight between Luffy and Queen and if everything goes with a decent pace(Not the habit of Toei Animation), we will see a major development with Zoro and everyone is gonna love it.

One Piece Episode 933 Where To Watch

You can watch the latest episode of One Piece on Crunchyroll for free and if you have a paid subscription you can watch the episode without advertisements. We request you to watch the anime from legit sources only as it will help the creators.

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