Parking Guide For the Western Trails Ranch in Morristown, Arizona

Kari Lake hosted a rally at the Western Trails Ranch in Arizona on Saturday to rev up her 2022 gubernatorial election campaign. Thousands of people showed up in support of their favorite GOP influencers in the countryside. The rally featured some controversial figures like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Rep. Paul Gosar, who have ties with the anti-Semite Nick Fuentes of the “America First” podcast and political action conference. Here, we present a Parking Guide Western Trails Ranch Morristown.

Parking Guide For the Western Trails Ranch in Morristown, Arizona

Kari Lake’s second rally took place at the Western Trails Ranch in Morristown, Arizona. The exact location of the Western Trails Ranch is 37839 W Grand Ave, Morristown, Arizona 85342, United States.

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If you are planning to drive to the ranch, here is a detailed parking guide:

The Western Trails Ranch has its own parking facility. You can park your cars safely at the on-site parking lot.

The parking lot is conveniently located right next to the ranch.

“Keep that socialist garbage over in California”-Kari Lake at Rodeo rally

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Mike Lindell spoke critically of the incumbent governor saying, “When your Governor Doug Ducey called the election good here in Arizona, with over 10 hours of evidence yet to be read, I sent him a text I said lose my number,” he said. “Doug, you’re disgusting.”

Rep. Paul Gosar’s speech echoed sentiments of the 2020 “election fraud” and encouraged the audience to cause “damage” to the federal government.

Rep. Paul Gosar said, “We’re going to make Arizona great again, We’re going to make the United States great again. Imagine for a second, you’ve got a tenacious governor like Kari Lake on one side of the country, and you got Ron DeSantis on the other side of the country. Those are some bookends, and we can really do some damage to the federal government.”

Kari Lake

Kari Lake took the stage after Gosar, and seemed to prioritize Trump talks including defending the Arizona border from “socialist garbage”.

“The reason I’m running for governor is to make sure we do not become California 2.0,” Lake said. “Keep that socialist garbage over in California. They made their bed, they can keep it, they can sleep in it.”

Kari Lake recently resigned from her post as a news anchor for Fox 10 news. The 30-year-old politician stepped down from her post in March last year to devote all her time to politics.



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