Latest News - Philly Alleged Mass Shooter Identified As Cross-Dressing BLM Supporter

Philly Alleged Mass Shooter Identified As Cross-Dressing BLM Supporter

Philly Alleged Mass Shooter Identified As Cross-Dressing BLM Supporter

The alleged Philadelphia mass shooter is suspected to be Black Lives Matter supporter.

Let’s read the news and learn what the reports say about Mass Shooting.

Philly Alleged Mass Shooter Identified As Cross-Dressing BLM Supporter

The gunman charged with the Philadelphia mass shooting that killed five men and injured two children was reportedly identified as a
cross-dressing Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporter.

The police said the suspect, Kimbrady Carrikar, 40, was arrested shortly after the bloodshed in Philadelphia’s Kingsessing community on Monday. However, the police have not publicly disclosed further information about Carrikar.

The reports say Carriker’s Facebook post in March shows a picture of him wearing a brassiere, a women’s top, and earnings with his long plaited hair.

Also, he frequently posted about supporting Black Lives Matter, including workers who protested in the strike for Black Lives in July 2020. His post also included messages that said, “How do you know if an evil spirit is following you” with a picture of a map listing ‘black massacres’ nationwide captioned, “We kept the receipts.”

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Tina Rosette, 49, an old roommate of Carriker who lived with him in 2021, said she did not know he had a gun and was shocked at his arrest following the shooting.

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Describing him, Rosette told Philadelphia Inquirer that Carrikar was smart, intelligent, and creative and loved computers, but he had an aggressive approach to some things in life.

Philadelphia Alleged Mass Shooter Identified As Cross-Dressing BLM Supporter

Rosette’s daughter Cianni added that Carrikar showed her a handgun several times. She said, “He was trying to make me comfortable around guns and stuff like that.”

Rosette said they left living with Carrikar in 2022. According to Police Commissioner Danielle’s outlet describing the incident, after getting the news of gunfire around 8:30 Monday night, police attempted to catch Carrikar, who continued firing through his gun.

He reportedly carried a pistol, rifle, extra magazines, a bullet-proof vest, and a police scanner to monitor police. The cops also found many shell casings in the firing area.

The outlet stated Carrikar shot 4 men in the street and then killed a 5th man by chasing him inside a home. He shot a 2-year-old boy four times in the legs, and a 13-year-old boy also suffered gunshots in his legs.

Carrikar also fired at police when they tried to catch him, but finally, he surrendered. The outlet also added,” Thank God our officers responded quickly. I can’t describe the level of bravery and courage that was shown.”


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