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Piers Morgan Wife

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan is indeed an English journalist, broadcaster, writer, and TV personality. He started his career on Fleet Street in 1988 at The Sun. Rupert Murdoch appointed him editor of the News of the World in 1994, when he was 29 years old, making him the youngest writer of a British national newspaper in much more than half a century. Morgan was the editor of the Daily Mirror from 1995 until 2004 when he was fired. From 2006 to 2007, he was the editorial director of First News.

Piers Morgan Wife -First wife and three children

Piers Morgan married his first wife Marion Shalloe, a nurse, in 1991. Marion Shalloe and Piers Morgan began dating each other in 1990. The lovely couple married in 1991 in Hampshire, England, after only a year of dating. Together, they have three children. Spencer William Morgan, their first child, was born in 1994 after they had been married for three years. The couple had three sons – Spencer, 26, Stanley, 22, and Bertie, 18 – but divorced in 2008. Stanley Christopher Morgan, their second son, was born in 1998. And Marion’s third son, Albert Douglas Morgan, was born in 2001.


Unfortunately, their relationship did not last as long as they had hoped, and in 2008, they divorced. They called it quits on their 17-year marriage. Marion Shalloe maintains cordial relations with her ex-husband. Their friendship has remained strong because of their children.


Marion is the mother of their three children, Albert Douglas Morgan, Stanley Christopher Morgan, and Spencer William Morgan. Marion is the one who looks after them. Piers, on the other hand, has a special relationship with his children. He finds time in his hectic schedule to see his children. Marion and Piers, on the other hand, have nothing to look forward to.

Second wife and daughter

Morgan married Celia Walden, a fellow journalist and the daughter of Conservative MP George Walden, in his second marriage. Elise, their daughter, was born in November 2011. Celia Walden is a British author, reporter, and critic who lives in London.


Piers Morgan, an English broadcaster, journalist, author, and television personality, is her husband. Walden, a showcase writer and former news reporter, is ten years her husband’s junior. She published the novel Harm’s Way in 2009, and the memoir Babysitting George in 2011, both about her time with legendary football player George Best before his death from alcoholism in 2005.

Celia Walden Bio And Personal Life

Celia Walden was born in Paris, France, on December 30, 1976. In 2020, she will be 44 years old. Despite having been born in Paris, she was raised by British parents in London. When she was born, her parents were George Walden (father) and Sarah Hunt (mother).


Her father is a Conservative Party politician and a former British journalist. She has two more siblings, the names of whom she has not revealed. Her early years were spent in London. Her racial origins are English. She attended Westminster School for her formal education. After graduating from there, she went on to Cambridge University.

Celia Walden Career and Professional Life

Celia Walden first gained national attention as a result of her relationship with Piers Morgan. Celia has worked previously as a showcase writer as well as a gossip columnist.

Payday by Celia Walden

She was the last editor of The Daily Telegraph’s ‘Spy’ section. She has previously contributed to the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard, and the Daily Mail. ‘Harm’s Way,’ her first novel, was released in 2008.

What is Celia Walden’s net worth?

Celia Walden’s net worth is expected to reach $1.5 million by 2021. Her yearly salary has not been revealed. On average, a British journalist earns $41k per year. Her husband, Piers Morgan, is said to be worth around $20 million.



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