Latest News - Rahat Indori Death Reason & He was COVID-19 Positive? Rahat Indori’s Famous Shayrai

Rahat Indori Death Reason & He was COVID-19 Positive? Rahat Indori’s Famous Shayrai

Rahat Indauri

Famous poet Rahat Indauri has died of a heart attack. Rahat was admitted to the Aurobindo Hospital in Indore after being infected with the Coronavirus. He died the very next day. After this, there is a wave of mourning in the entire state. All the leaders of the state have expressed condolences.

Who was Rahat Indori?

Rahat was admitted to the hospital on Monday after testing COVID-19 positive. On Tuesday, he had reported himself to be positive on social media. Rahat Indauri also stated that no one would call my family and me. Rahat Indauri also had many types of disease before. He also had problems with sugar and heart.

Rahat Indori Death Reason

At the same time, Dr. Vinod Bhandari of Aurobindo Hospital has said that he had a heart attack two times after being admitted to the hospital. After that their condition has deteriorated. We could not save them. He had 60 percent pneumonia. Doctors said that he already had pneumonia. Doctors said that 70 percent of their lame was alarming, COVID positive, hypertension, and diabetic.

Rahat Indori was admitted to a private hospital on Sunday. He was shifted to Aurobindo Hospital after the COVID report came out. In the morning, he tweeted and said that my corona test was done yesterday after the onset of symptoms of COVID, which has been reported positive. I am shifted to Aurobindo Hospital, pray that I should defeat this disease as soon as possible. There is another idea, do not call people at home or me; you will continue to find my interest in Twitter and Facebook.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan expressed grief

There is a wave of mourning across the MP from the death of Rahat Indauri. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has also expressed grief by tweeting. He has written that the end of Hardil Aziz Rahat Indouri, a famous poet who ruled millions of hearts with his poetry, is an irreparable loss to Madhya Pradesh and the country. I prayed to God to give peace to his soul and give his family and loved one’s strength to bear this immense sorrow.

Kamal Nath also mourns

Former CM Kamal Nath has also mourned the demise of Rahat Indore. He has said that I am shocked to hear the news of the sad passing of Indauri Saheb, not only the state but also the country’s relief. We got word of him being unwell this morning, we all prayed that he would be well soon, but he would leave us suddenly, untimely, I cannot believe it.

Rahat Indori’s Shayari

Take a look on some of the most popular shayris of Late Rahat Indauri

रोज़ पत्थर की हिमायत में ग़ज़ल लिखते हैं

रोज़ शीशों से कोई काम निकल पड़ता है

मैंने अपनी खुश्क आँखों से लहू छलका दिया,

इक समंदर कह रहा था मुझको पानी चाहिए।

बहुत ग़ुरूर है दरिया को अपने होने पर

जो मेरी प्यास से उलझे तो धज्जियाँ उड़ जाएँ

नए किरदार आते जा रहे हैं

मगर नाटक पुराना चल रहा है

रोज़ तारों को नुमाइश में ख़लल पड़ता है

चाँद पागल है अँधेरे में निकल पड़ता है

2020 is surely a dark year, as another legend passes away and leaves the country in mourning. May his soul Rest In Peace. The famous poet will be missed at every phase of life.

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