Rainbow Falls, Hawaii – a detailed guide for tourists

Rainbow Falls, Hawaii

Planning a trip to visit Rainbow Falls, Hawaii? In this article, we have covered tourist destinations you should cover during your Rainbow Falls trip, expense, the Rainbow Falls trail, and other fun activities you can do in Hilo.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Rainbow Falls, Hawaii – a detailed guide for tourists

Rainbow Falls, Hawaii Waterfall
Rainbow Falls, Hawaii Waterfall

The Rainbow Falls in Hilo Town is one of the most beautiful tourist places. It is located on the Big Island of Hilo Town. There are several waterfalls in the town, but one of the best is Rainbow falls in Hawaii. Hawaii is a well-known place for visiting on holidays with family and friends.

Vacation in Rainbow Falls, Hawaii- Location, Expense, and more

Rainbow Falls is known as one of the beautiful falls of the Big Island’s popular waterfalls. This waterfall is located at a Hawaii state park, and it’s located very close to Hilo town. It takes about a 5-10 minute drive from the main part of Hilo town to Rainbow Falls.

It will cost around $130 approx per day on vacation in Hilo. Previous visitors have spent, on average, $52 on food for one day and $20 on local transportation. The average hotel cost in Hilo is $120 for two people. There are nearly many waterfalls that are close to Rainbow waterfalls.

Why are the Rainbow falls called the Rainbow falls?

Rainbow at Rainbow Falls, Hawaii

Only when you are standing with your back to the sun’s source can you see rainbows (or any other light source). This is due to the fact that light is reflected, refracted, and dispersed in water droplets, which results in rainbows. In this instance, the water droplets are not caused by rain but rather by all the tiny water droplets in the mist that surrounds the falling water. Because the sun rises in the east and the prime viewing area for the Rainbow falls is to the east of the falls, you must watch the falls early in the day if you want to see rainbows.

You should visit early on a sunny morning to see the greatest rainbows. It is also ideal if the waterfall has a lot of water flowing and falling, although rainbows can still be seen even if the falls have been reduced to a trickle. Check out the video below for a fantastic explanation of why you are constantly in the middle of a rainbow and what certain conditions you need to view one.

A short hike to the top of the Rainbow Falls – Rainbow Falls Trail

Rainbow Falls Trail

There’s no swimming allowed in Rainbow waterfalls, but you can enjoy the Rainbow Falls trail fully covered with ancient banyan trees. The ancient banyan trees just make the Rainbow Falls trail more enjoyable and mesmerizing as these trees appear fully enveloped with fig vines.

On top of that, these ancient banyan trees have aerial prop roots that go down into the soil, making it look like these banyan trees has several trunks. This short hike might take a couple of minutes and can be a bit challenging. However, the view you see will be worth the effort. It will give you a completely new perspective of the fall, and most visitors often skip this and miss out on this awesome view. But we don’t want our readers to miss that.

Our words won’t do justice, and therefore, we recommend you experience this Rainbow Falls trail on your own.

Other places to visit near Rainbow Falls, Hawaii

After visiting the Rainbow waterfall, you can also visit the following places in Hilo:

Akaka falls

You may visit this incredible location at Akaka Falls State Park, which is located on Hawaii Island in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The park is located at the end of Hawaii Route 220, approximately 11 miles (18 km) north of Hilo and west of Honom. It features the waterfall that bears its name, Akaka Falls, which is 135 meters (442) tall.

Kaumana Caves

You can explore lava tube caverns in Kaumana Caves. A lava flow from Mauna Loa in 1881 formed the lava tube known as Kaumana Cave. The tube is the 57th longest lava tube in the world. On the island of Hawaii, close to the town of Hilo, is where the cave is situated. A collapsed skylight makes it simple to reach two of the tube’s openings, which are now popular with tourists. Both some of the entrances and some portions of the tube are situated beneath private property.

Carlsmith Beach Park

If you are lucky, Turtles may be visible to you. Hawaii’s Big Island’s Carlsmith Beach Park is located in Hilo. The chilly fresh water that seeps into the ground in various places at Carlsmith Beach Park can cause the water temperature to be a little low.

Richardson Ocean Beach Park

The beach is now a public park, and the home is occupied and operated as the Richardson Ocean Center. Richardson Beach is the only beach in the Hilo area that has both black and green sand. Turtles and monk seals are also abundant here. Leleiwi Street connects to Lehia Park, an undeveloped beach access point close to the location of Kalanianaole Avenue’s termination.

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Activities to do when visiting Rainbow Falls

  • Visit the primary waterfall viewing area at the falls. Picturesque view location of the best waterfalls on Hawaii’s Big Island.
  • Take note of the lava-filled tunnel located beyond the waterfalls.
  • Climb above the waterfall, observe the river and waterfalls. Falls comes from the Wailuku River.
  • Make your way to the ancient banyan trees.
  • Take in Rainbow Falls’ sights.

How long do you need to spend at the waterfall?

If you don’t want to spend much time, you can directly drive up to the state park and enjoy the viewpoint of Rainbow Falls. You can click some pictures for your social media and drive back.

However, if you are willing to spend some time here and are interested in some sort of adventure, we recommend you climb up and enjoy the view of the waterfall from the top. It is going to be a bit challenging since the Rainbow Falls trail is quite steep, and just 10-15 minutes of the climb will leave you exhausted. However, it is really worth the effort and will definitely give you a fully new scenic view.

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