Ramaswamy Teams Up With Alex Jones to Slam Sean Hannity

Ramaswamy Teams Up With Alex Jones to Slam Sean Hannity

In an attempt to take on Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, who put GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy through a torturous questioning earlier this month in a “disaster” interview, Ramaswamy is now teaming up with far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Vivek Ramaswamy Teams Up With Alex Jones to Slam Sean Hannity

Ramaswamy greeted Jones and labelled the Infowars founder as the “most censored man in the world” in the most recent episode of his TRUTH podcast, which streams on the social media site that was formerly known as Twitter.

Jones and his media outlet are still prohibited from using the now-renamed X site, even though Elon Musk reversed the suspensions of most controversial people after acquiring Twitter.

During the cordial hour-long conversation, Ramaswamy mostly ignored Jones’ history of spreading wild conspiracy theories regarding the 9/11 terror attacks and the Sandy Hook mass shooting, implying that Jones was just a truth-seeker fighting against the establishment.

Eventually, Ramaswamy brought up the Hannity interview, which Jones admitted not having seen yet. The politician who was labelled as “anti-woke” gave his guest a detailed explanation of it.

Ramaswamy, who has been using the “disaster” interview for fundraising, then brought up the tense Fox News exchange focused on his criticism of fellow GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley‘s connections to national defence firms.

Ramaswamy stated, “The Republican Party like Nikki Haley who screech ‘finish them! Finish them,’ talking about Hamas and Iran like there’s no distinction. Finish them! Okay, what are the consequences of that for the United States of America? So interestingly, this guy Hannity—I was very disappointed—comes after me for pointing out that Nikki Haley has made $8 million after her time as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. as a military contractor and otherwise!”

Ramaswamy called that interaction a “wake-up call,” noting that it hurt to witness a “purported conservative voice buy into what is the captured establishment Super PAC puppetry.”

On the other hand, Jones faced the camera and told Hannity that “World War III” might break out at any moment. While sighing, Jones stated, “These are the crazy times that it kicks off.”

It goes unspoken by Ramaswamy, but a large portion of Hannity’s contention revolved around the presidential hopeful’s propensity to deny his statements.

Hannity specifically took the issue with Ramaswamy for his claims regarding the “financial and corrupting influences” that resulted in “selective moral outrage” over the Hamas attack. However, after reading back the words, Ramaswamy insisted that the Fox host was misrepresenting him.

Hannity shouted during their contentious exchange, “You do this in every single interview: You say stuff, and then you deny it. You deny your own word. So, you know, why don’t you just own what you say and stand by it and stop playing these games?”

In the latter part of the podcast, Jones showered Ramaswamy with praise and even declared that he would be his second choice for president in 2024, behind Donald Trump.

Jones stated, “They may assassinate Trump, so you know, you’re—I mean, I’d like him to get elected, but if not, [then] you.”

It should not be shocking that the Infowars star has a soft spot for Ramaswamy. He has started referring to the 38-year-old entrepreneur as “Alex Jones 2.0” in recent months.

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