One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Date, & Time; Check Here

One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date: What an epic chapter it turned out to be. We weren’t able to give any spoilers regarding chapter 987 because there were no spoilers. But we are here giving you every detail about the chapter before it’s the official release. The chapter is scheduled for a release on August 11, 2020. As of now, there are only raw cuts and fan translation of the chapter, but it is enough for us to tell you what really happened in the chapter that the whole fandom is losing their mind over it.

One Piece Chapter 988

And if you did not know that we are in the war, this episode just made it clear for you that we are in the goddam war, A war so epic that it will be written down in the history books.

One Piece Chapter 987 Recap

The chapter started with a flashback. Oden saying “Open the borders of Wano Country”, It is still giving me goosebumps. Oden warning Kaido to not underestimate his samurai and Scabbards running away from Kaido, Oden telling Kaido that if he is forgotten, his soul will live and now back to present Kaido and the scabbards falling from the stage and Kaido wondering why he is feeling pain, he should be untouchable. How can Kinemon and Duke’s attack is affecting him? Why is their blade piercing him, the wound he received from Oden is itching. The Scabbards are using Oden’s Ryou to attack him. And for the first time in his life, Kaido screams from pain. Everyone is running to kill the samurai when Hyogoro and his men stop the soldiers. big Mom notices everything but she is not worried at all.

Yamato is attacked by Ulti and Yamato told Ulti that she is going to become the next Kozuki Oden of Wano. Another soldier comes running and told Yamato that Kaido is attacked and Yamato told him that she is not their ally anymore and she doesn’t care if her father dies.

Big Mom shouts at Luffy and Luffy told her that he is busy right now. Name and Carrot are fighting against Big Mom Soul Soldiers and Nami beats them with her cloud roar. Big Mom told Luffy that she is here to kill him and asks Luffy why is he here, is he going to defeat Kaido? Luffy told Big Mom that he is not here just to beat Kaido, he is going to beat Kaido, Big Mom herself, The commanders and Orochi too.

He declared that it is an “ALL OUT WAR”. Big Mom and Queen start laughing and told Luffy that he is not going to beat them with a few hundred soldiers when a soldier comes and tells them that there are thousands of intruders inside the castle right now. Ths Samurai of flower capital, The prisoners of Udon, Former Schibukai Law, and all the other pirates have joined forces and on top of that Marco, The Phoenix, and Perospero are also on the entrance of the castle.

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Kaido figures out that Orochi was always right and he realized that they were hiding from him for so long and he told the Samurai that Luffy is going to betray them as it is pirate nature. Kinemon told Kaido that Luffy is different from others and he is going to stand at the top of the oceans one day. Kaido told his soldiers that the party is canceled and he accepts Luffy’s challenge and transforms himself into the dragon. Due to his size now, the fight had to be done on the rooftop of the castle and Kaido says that it is just like 20 years but without Oden and everyone told him that there are some differences like they already knew that he won’t be able to fight in the dome in his dragon form and they have brought soldiers to form Mink Tribe and today in the night of Full Moon.

One Piece Chapter 988 Release Date

One Piece is on a hiatus next week. So chapter 988 will be out on 23 August 2020.

One Piece Chapter 988 Predictions

We will update you as soon as we get some new spoilers regarding chapter 988. But some things are certain like Neko and Duke are going to be in Sulong Mode, It will also be interesting to see what will Big Mom do and Marco is going to raise hell in Onagishima, we just know it. We just can not wait for the next chapter to come out.

One Piece Chapter 986 Where To Read

You can read One Piece’s latest chapter on Viz’s Media Shonen Jump site. One Piece is also collected in manga tankōbon volumes. We request you to use only the legal and legit sources as it will promote the work of creators.

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