Richard Grenell removes his endorsement over Jim lamon for Arizona elections

Richard Grenell removes his endorsement over Jim lamon for Arizona elections

Jim Lamon lost the endorsement of Richard Grenell in Arizona’s GOP Senate primary, after campaigning against Peter Theil.

Richard Grenell removes his endorsement over Jim lamon for Arizona elections

Jim Lamon

Jim Lamon called former president Donald Trump’s endorsement of Blake Masters a mistake and thought that Arizonans will elect someone whose competition is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Big Tech, California billionaire. A week before, Lamon released an ad tagging Blake Masters, the “puppet of California Big Tech.” So in return, Grenell, who has been Trump’s acting director of national intelligence, immediately contacted Lamon’s campaign to express his disappointment, and here the campaign denied it. After which, Grenell let slip that injustice to him on Wednesday. By foretelling Lamon’s campaign as “desperate.” And also incriminating him of eroding the conservative movement with his strategies.

Grenell calls Lamon’s campaign ‘desperate’

After such actions by Jim Lamon, Grenell also took it to Twitter by Posting a lengthy tweet, “Growing our conservative movement should be the top priority of every Republican candidate and Jim Lamon understood that when he first got in the U.S. Senate race. Sadly, something has changed, and he has instead pursued a desperate campaign of attacking courageous conservatives. The tactics Jim Lamon is now using in his race are wrong, and I can no longer support him. Attacking my friend Peter Theil is a lousy strategy that will only, help elect democrats. I will no longer support him. Peter has been a champion of conservative values in Silicon Valley and has never wavered from challenging the Big Techs. I have made precise multiple times that the Jeff Roe strategy of attacking Peter, may be profitable for Jeff’s firm now. Still, it is a losing strategy for our conservative movement.”

Richard Grenell

Thiel has donated to Republican candidates across the country. Mainly in Ohio, where he has invested $13.5 million to assist Trump’s favored Senate candidate, J.D. Vance. Previously Thiel had also donated more than $66,000 in September 2017. He has also handed $1 million to make America Number 1; Thiel also disbursed $250,000 to ‘Trump Victory,’ a joint fundraising committee, and more than $230,000 to the Republican National Committee (RNC).

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Lamon may get new endorsements

Lamon, after losing Grenell’s endorsement has already found new endorsers. State representative Beverly Pingerelli endorses Jim Lamon by saying, “We need the U.S. senator for Arizona ready to get the job done.” While Mary Ann Mendoza says, “We need to elect candidates to Federal office who will seal the border, enforce Immigration law and put American lives first.” AZCOPS (Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs) endorses by saying, ‘Jim is clearly a fighter who will not Appease anti-police policies in Washington. In our capacity as a state-wide organization representing thousands of police officers across the state of Arizona.’ Teresa Martinez says, ‘ I need a U.S senator to defend America and Arizona.’ Don Rosenberg says, ‘We can’t begin to fix our imagination issues until our borders are secured.’ NAPO ( National Association of Police Organization) states ‘We are pleased to support your campaign and are confident you will continue your strong support of the law enforcement community in the U.S. Senate. While others like Brandon Tatum, CPAC ( The Conservative Political Action Coalition), Matthew Whitaker and Chad Wolf also endorse Jim Lamon.

About Richard Grenell

Richard Grenell is a Former Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence Grenell had joined the former president’s administration officials in endorsing Lamon before the former president entered Arizona’s race. Grenell has a friendly relationship with Peter Thiel, a GOP mega-donor.

About Jim Lamon

Jim Lamon is a Republican who has contested election to the U.S. Senate to represent Arizona. He is on the ballot in the Republican primary on August 2, 2022. He is a supporter of Former president Donald Trump. Lamon has served in the United States Army for six years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Alabama in 1979. Lamon is the founder and former chairperson of Solar Company DEPCOM Power, Inc.


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