Robert Scantlebury – Bio, Wiki, Age, Arizona, Career and more

Robert Scantlebury - Bio, Wiki, Age, Arizona, Career and more

About Robert Scantlebury

Robert Scantlebury, age 48, is seeking election to the Arizona Senate to represent the residents of Legislative District 9. He is the candidate for the Republican primary on August 2, 2022. His opponent for the election is Tyler Pace, representing District 25. The pace is running for re-election against Scantlebury.

He lived in a house that his great, great grandfather John Paddison constructed in 1879 when he was growing up in Norwalk, California. The original family homestead was successfully conserved and protected by his mother and father, Bob & Margaret Scantlebury, who are now retired.  Robert Scantlebury - Bio, Wiki, Age, Arizona, Career and more They were small company owners who used it as a wedding venue, still photography, and movie set. (This was only made possible by the passage of California’s Proposition 13, an aggressive measure to protect homeowners against rapid property tax rises that received resounding support from California voters in 1978.) He had a younger brother named Eddie, currently a firefighter for the City of Los Angeles.

He is married to Heather Scantlebury and has two daughters with her.

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Robert Scantlebury Education

Robert Scantlebury - Bio, Wiki, Age, Arizona, Career and more He earned a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Criminal Justice from Leffingwell Christian High School, Cypress Community College, and California State University, Fullerton.

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Robert Scantlebury Career

He moved to Mesa in the summer of 1992 after accepting a job offer from the Mesa Police Department. In September 1992, he was sworn in as a Mesa police officer. Throughout my career, he worked as a police officer, a special investigations detective, a patrol sergeant, and a detective sergeant. After 25 years of service, he left the agency in January 2018. Up to the department’s decision to end the program in 2020, he continued to work as a volunteer Reserve Police Officer. Robert Scantlebury - Bio, Wiki, Age, Arizona, Career and more Robert Scantlebury claims to have loved his work and always felt it was his duty to defend and speak up for others, especially those unable to defend themselves. After finishing his retirement from the police force, he founded and is now running a tiny company called Little American Tractor Service.

Robert Scantlebury for Arizona

Arizona has had to deal with Republican lawmakers for far too long who claim to speak for the people but, in reality, only support their agenda and special interests. He claims he is running for the SenateSenate because he became weary of such pervasive dishonesty.

He has some beliefs about Arizona that he stands for. He has Arizona as his top focus. He backs President Donald J. Trump’s America First agenda and will represent Arizona First in the State Senate. He is Pro-Life. He believes every human life deserves to be preserved, especially the unborn, who are the weakest of all. Robert Scantlebury Robert Scantlebury stands for personal rights. He says, “Our rights to free speech, religion, the right to keep and bear arms, and access to medical care are sacred. Governmental authorities “…are formed to preserve and maintain individual rights,” as stated in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by both the United States Constitution and the Arizona State Constitution. (NO requirements) He stands for routine security. He says Our southern border is experiencing a crisis that is straining our resources and causing crises in our neighborhoods. He believes that we must immediately safeguard Arizonans by securing our border. He talks about the choice of school.
In charge of their child’s education must be the parents. Our schools must be more sensitive to student needs and smaller. Robert Scantlebury - Bio, Wiki, Age, Arizona, Career and more He supports law enforcement and allows them to utilize whatever measures within their constitutional authority to protect Arizonans. he worked as a Mesa police officer for 27 years. To properly enforce Arizonan law, they require the right leadership, resources, personnel, instruction, and tools. he believes in Election consistency; Without fair and honest elections, we cannot obtain fair and honest representation. To maintain our representative system of government and uphold the idea of a government “…of the people, by the people, for the people” is one of our highest obligations to ensure the integrity of our elections.

Robert Scantlebury Endorsement by Donald Trump

Robert Scantlebury endorsement by Donald Trump Donald Trump, the 45th President of the US, has extended full support and endorsements to all the people running as republican representatives for the upcoming elections. The Arizona senate elections are happening on August 2, 2022. Robert Scantlebury is being endorsed by all the major republicans coming forward to endorse him.

Robert Scantlebury Endorsement by Kari Lake

Kari lake is an American politician and former television news reporter Kari Ann Lake. She left her anchor position at Phoenix television station KSAZ-TV in March 2021 after 22 years of service. In the 2022 election for governor of Arizona, Lake is a Republican. She has posted on her social media platforms to support Robert Scantlebury as Arizona’s representative to Senate. Robert Scantlebury - Bio, Wiki, Age, Arizona, Career and more Her social media says, “Robert Scantlebury is a retired Police sergeant running for state senate in Arizona Legislative District 9. He has spent decades protecting the citizens of Arizona. He now wants to protect them in the state legislature from the out-of-control Radical left democrats and the almost as bad RINOs standing by while they watch our country being destroyed.”

Adding, “MAGA strong Rob Scantlebury won’t let that happen and is running to protect life and our first amendment religious liberty and our 2nd amendment (which is under siege), to secure our border and to bring Great education back to Arizona. His opponent, Tyler Pace, is a RINO like Jeff “Flakey” Flake (if that’s even possible!), who never had a clue. Robert ‘gets it’ and will always put America First. Early voting is now underway, and election day is August 2. Get out and Vote for Robert Scantlebury, who has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Robert Scantlebury’s website and contact

Robert Scantlebury - Bio, Wiki, Age, Arizona, Career and more The homepage of his official website says, “As a retired Mesa Police Sergeant who has served and protected our community for 27 years, you can be confident I will continue fighting to protect our freedoms. Thank you to the 50+ friends, neighbors, family, and Precinct Committeemen who gathered 1329 signatures in two weeks to launch this campaign and get us on the ballot. I want to be a representative closely tied to the Voters.”

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