Ron Desantis’ Campaign as His Chief Strategist Resigns Abruptly

Ron Desantis’ Campaign as His Chief Strategist Resigns Abruptly

Never Back Down PAC campaign chief strategist Jeff Roe just made an announcement that he is taking a retirement.

Let’s read the news and find out why.

Ron Desantis’ Campaign as His Chief Strategist Resigns Abruptly

The sudden announcement of Jeff Roe’s retirement, made on December 6th through a statement on X (formerly known as Twitter), severely damaged Ron DeSantis’s already dwindling presidential hopes.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is facing political turmoil following the abrupt resignation of the chief strategist of the Never Back Down PAC, which was a major part of DeSantis’s presidential bid in 2024.

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Roe’s exit occurs just a few weeks before DeSantis must contend with a crucial test in Iowa’s Republican presidential primary, where he is battling former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley for second place behind Donald Trump.

Roe’s resignation startled party members and DeSantis’ public relations team. According to the Washington Post, the PAC that supported Governor Ron DeSantis during his 2024 campaign engaged in a lot of blame-shifting as a result of the internal issues with his campaign.

Ron Desantis’ Campaign as His Chief Strategist Resigns Abruptly

In his statement, Roe made the following claim: “I cannot in good conscience stay affiliated with Never Back Down given the statements in the Washington Post today. They are not true and an unwanted distraction at a critical time for Governor DeSantis.”

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In his farewell message, Roe stated, “I can’t believe it ended this way. I’m so proud to have worked alongside these men and women at NBD 24/7 for the past nine months to save the country. Good luck the next 28 days and a wake up. I’m so sorry I can’t be there with you,”

Three employees of Roe’s firm, the founding chief executive and the board chairman, have all resigned, totaling five senior people since late November.

According to Politico’s Alex Isenstadt, Governor DeSantis relied significantly on Never Back Down PAC to oversee key campaign activities, particularly field deployment.

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The governor now faces the difficult task of stabilizing his campaign and regaining trust in the face of growing obstacles as senior members continue to leave and DeSantis’s first significant nomination contest draws near.


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